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Why South African small businesses must build their systems on Microsoft 365

 ·7 Feb 2024

One solution stands out for South African small businesses that need access to the best technologies but don’t have a dedicated IT team: Microsoft 365.

“With Microsoft 365, your small business gets world-class productivity tools without breaking the bank,” said Seitfin founder Kobus Schlebusch.

“All you need is to work with a company like Seitfin, and we can set up the basics for you in no time.”

Kobus stated that once a business has a basic Microsoft 365 installation set up, they can work from anywhere and access their data, collaborate, and share files as necessary.

Microsoft 365 offers many enterprise-grade tools, too, and is the preferred productivity solution for businesses of all sizes thanks to its broad toolset, ease-of-use, and Microsoft’s unrivalled brand image.

“Microsoft 365 gives businesses the confidence of working with one of the biggest brands in the technology sector,” said Kobus.

Microsoft 365 scalability

Microsoft 365 is great for small-to-medium business in particular, as you can start off with a few simple services which are charged using an Op-Ex model and are extremely affordable.

For example: You may need Microsoft Office for creating documents, Microsoft OneDrive for cloud storage, and a basic Microsoft Teams package for collaboration.

Then, as your business grows, you can introduce more complex tools to meet your evolving needs – all the while knowing that the ecosystem you are investing in is the same one used by many of the world’s largest enterprises.

Microsoft’s industry dominance also means that software developers always design their tools to be compatible with Microsoft 365 – so you’ll never outgrow its suite of solutions.

Choose Seitfin

Seitfin is ready to partner with your business to transform its IT systems for the better with Microsoft 365.

“I’ve been on both sides of the table, and I understand that many service providers will try to sell you products you don’t need,” said Kobus.

“Seitfin’s goal is different. We will work with your business to understand what you need now, help you if you need support, and work with you when you want to add new Microsoft 365 services to your business.”

Clients are always welcome to call Seitfin for advice and Kobus stressed that it is not the type of business that will charge a consulting fee for a 5-minute phone call.

Additionally, Seitfin is partnered with leading South African distributor First Distribution – ensuring it always has access to the Microsoft 365 licences your business needs.

“Everything we do is focused on helping your SMB grow and thrive – and we believe Microsoft 365 is the best IT platform on which to build your small business,” said Kobus.

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