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Win big when you buy a Defy fridge from Makro – Free Gizzu surge protector and much more

 ·19 Mar 2024

Leading South African energy brand Gizzu has partnered with Makro and Defy to help South Africans protect their appliances from load-shedding.

When you buy selected Defy fridges from Makro, you will get the following awesome bonuses:

  • Free Gizzu Universal Surge Protector Plug.
  • Coupon to save 5% on selected Gizzu Hero portable power stations when you buy online.
  • Competition entry to win a Gizzu Hero Max 1,024Wh portable power station – worth R12,999.

Amidst ongoing load-shedding, Makro recognises the danger of voltage spikes to household appliances, which is why it is offering the free Gizzu Universal Surge Protector Plug with selected Defy fridge purchases.

This deal is also helping South Africans overcome the challenges of load-shedding by allowing them to save on portable power stations – and even giving them a chance to win one.

The 5% off coupon is available on the following power stations:

These power stations also boast UPS functionality to help South Africans keep their fridges running during load-shedding, ensuring their food stays fresh.

This awesome promotion is available at every Makro store from 11 March until 14 April 2024.

Defy fridges

This deal is available on six stylish Defy fridges, which each offer a satin metallic finish that is perfectly suited to any kitchen.

They are all bottom-mounted units, meaning that the freezer sits at the bottom while the fridge compartment is at the top for easy access and convenience.

All six fridges also feature an A+ energy rating that will improve efficiency by around 30% to keep your electricity bill down while preserving your food for longer.

Below, we highlight the Defy fridges that apply to this deal.

Defy DAC449 226 litre Bottom Fridge/Freezer with Water Dispenser – R5,799 (Save R700)

Bringing style and efficiency to your kitchen, the 245-litre Defy DAC449 fridge and freezer offers a Satin Metallic finish and an A+ energy rating.

Defy DAC447 247 litre Fridge/Freezer – R4,999 (Save R500)

With its Naturelight technology, the DAC447 keeps your food fresher for longer, allowing you to enjoy nutritious meals and a healthy lifestyle.

Defy DAC639 302 litre Fridge/Freezer with Water Dispenser – R7,999 (Save R500)

Say goodbye to frost with the Defy DAC639, which offers faster and more efficient cooling, with excellent circulation to keep your food crisp and fresh for longer.

Defy DAC627 323 litre Fridge/Freezer with Water Dispenser – R6,599 (Save R400)

The Satin Metallic finish of the Defy DAC627 makes it a classy addition to any kitchen. It also features a handy water dispenser.

Defy DAC645 348 litre Bottom Fridge/Freezer with Water Dispenser – R6,999 (Save R500)

One of the larger Defy fridges on this promotion, the DAC645 offers 348 litres of capacity, making it the ultimate fridge for a whole family.

Defy DAC622 350 litre Bottom Fridge/Freezer – R6,799 (Save R700)

The Defy DAC622 is a large 350-litre fridge that offers a dedicated crisper drawer to keep your fresh foods fresher for longer.

Click here to shop the participating Defy fridges from Makro.

Importance of a surge protector

Surge protectors are vital in South Africa, where prevailing load-shedding can wreak havoc on household appliances.

When the power returns after scheduled or unscheduled cuts, it can feed voltages into your home that are either too high or too low.

Undervoltage increases your amps, which causes your appliance’s components to malfunction, while overvoltage can cause them to short out. Either way, if the voltage is too far out of its normal range, it significantly reduces the lifespan of your appliances.

The Gizzu Universal Surge Protector Plug protects your appliances – such as your new Defy fridge – from these abnormal fluctuations by cutting off the power supply to your fridge if the voltage exceeds harmful limits.

It will also temporarily delay the startup of your appliances when the power returns after an outage to ensure the grid supply has time to stabilise.

Click here to shop the participating Defy fridges from Makro.

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