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Xiaomi smart cameras – Intelligent surveillance for South African homes

 ·23 Apr 2024

Xiaomi – a global technology leader – boasts an impressive range of smart cameras for both indoor and outdoor use in South Africa.

Its cameras pack the latest video hardware and an extensive range of smart technologies that integrate each unit seamlessly into your smart home or office ecosystem.

Xiaomi’s two smart camera ranges on offer locally are:

The indoor camera range comprising the C200, C300, and C400 models – all of which offer excellent video quality and impressive features.

The outdoor camera range comprising the AW200 and AW300 models – delivering outstanding coverage of your home’s exterior.

We detail the features offered by each model, below.

Xiaomi C200

The Xiaomi C200 is the most affordable of Xiaomi’s smart indoor cameras at an RRP of R899.

It boasts a 1080p video resolution and offers many advanced features, including two-way audio communication, night vision, AI human detection, and automatic movement tracking.

These technologies are hard to come by at such an affordable price, and Xiaomi is changing the game by packing them all into a smart camera that costs under R900.

Xiaomi C300

The Xiaomi C300 offers the all the features of the C200 – and more.

Most notably, it includes a baby monitoring mode. This makes it a great way to keep an eye on your child while they’re sleeping.

It also boasts an improved 2K capture resolution and delivers improved AI human detection for enhanced peace of mind.

The Xiaomi C300 is therefore particularly popular with young families who want to balance affordability with crucial features to keep their children safe.

At an RPP of R1,199, the Xiaomi C300 ticks all these boxes.

Xiaomi C400

The Xiaomi C400 is the range-topper, delivering a video capture resolution of 2.5K.

It also boasts significant improvements to its night vision, AI human detection, and movement tracking technologies – ensuring you get the absolute best security for your home.

For the discerning home owner who wants to maximise the level of technology in their smart home, the Xiaomi C400 is a must-buy at n RRP of R1,499.

Xiaomi AW200

The Xiaomi AW200 is a weather-resistant, wired security camera that will protect the exterior of your home.

It boasts an impressive number of features for its affordable R899 price, including 1080p capture resolution, accurate motion detection, and time-lapse technology – which will capture photos of anyone approaching your home while you are away.

It also supports two-way audio communications, meaning the AW200 doubles as an intercom with the added bonus of a video feed straight to your smartphone.

Xiaomi AW300

The Xiaomi AW300 outdoor smart camera packs many additional features compared to the AW200.

It delivers 2K capture quality and supports full-colour night vision technology.

This is facilitated by the camera’s dedicated white light, which illuminates the subject while capturing footage.

The AW300 also features a built-in alarm system, comprising both audio and visual deterrents – the latter coming in the form of flashing lights.

All of this protects your home extremely well and makes the AW300 an all-in-one security solution for an excellent price – only R1,299.

Another great benefit of the Xiaomi AW300 is that you can connect up to four AW300 feeds and view them simultaneously through the Xiaomi Home App – turning your smartphone into a compact security system.

For the ultimate home security, look no further than the Xiaomi AW300.

Seamless integration

Whichever Xiaomi smart camera you chooe, the Xiaomi Home App is your central hub which covers all aspects of their usage.

The app allows you to view your camera feeds, control your cameras, and communicate through each camera’s two-way intercom functionality.

You can also use this app to store your video footage—either in the cloud or on a microSD card in each camera’s dedicated slot.

Xiaomi smart camera owners can integrate their products into their existing smart home ecosystem, too.

For example: you can link your indoor cameras to a Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock and display the feed on its display.

This functionality can be used to extend the baby monitoring functionality on the C300 and C400, or to check that your children are doing their homework.

You can also link your cameras to your smart locks and sensors, and if an abnormality is detected, your Xiaomi smart camera will automatically record the footage and trigger its alarm if appropriate.

When you own a Xiaomi smart camera, the use cases are endless – buy Your Xiaomi Smart Camera from these retailers:

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