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Econet Telecom Lesotho modernises network infrastructure to bridge the digital divide

 ·30 May 2024

Econet Telecom Lesotho’s investment into its network modernisation project reiterates its commitment to growing its infrastructure, services, and overall customer experience.

This is according to CEO Dennis Plaatjies, who said the company is at the forefront of innovation and transformation in Lesotho’s ICT industry.

“Our primary objective is to enhance the overall telecommunications experience for all our valued customers across Lesotho and relieve congestion in major town centres,” said Plaatjies.

“This involves expanding the deployment of fastest broadband technologies across the country with fibre-optic networks in all the major cities.”

Customer benefits

The company has set aside M100 million to achieve this, and Plaatjies said the company’s users will benefit significantly from these major network   improvements through better quality of service and experience.

“We aim to provide solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs to have better access to markets, suppliers, and customers – both domestically and internationally,” said Plaatjies.

“These solutions will enable them to leverage digital technologies for marketing, e-commerce, and online payments, thereby enhancing efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness.”

He also stressed that improved connectivity infrastructure will help the country bridge the digital divide and foster socio-economic inclusion through access to services like EcoCash and EcoSure.

“We are mindful of the need to offer calling and data bundles that are affordable,” said Plaatjies.

“We already have packages such as GenZ and school packages whose positive impact cannot be ignored, and the plan is to build on this.”

“We aim to ensure that our services remain accessible to all segments of the population, thereby maximising the benefits of our modernised network for everyone in Lesotho.”

An exciting future

Phase 1 of the modernisation project is already underway and is expected to be completed before the end of May 2024.

This project phase spans Lesotho’s Central and northern regions, including hubs such as Maseru, Berea, Leribe, Butha-Buthe and Mafeteng.

“This initiative underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering world-class telecoms services and driving positive change in the communities we serve,” said Plaatjies.

“We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and remain dedicated to realising the full potential of connectivity in Lesotho.”

“Once the project is completed, customers will no longer struggle to connect with data and voice services during peak hours of the day due to congestion.”

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