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 ·10 Jun 2024

Google Ads should drive significant traffic to your website, improve your sales performance, and increase brand awareness – but only if they are set up correctly and your website is convincing.

If your budget is seemingly disappearing, barely receiving leads, or the leads you do receive aren’t converting, it’s a clear indication that your account has been set up incorrectly.

We want to help your business see the full potential of your Google Ads. 

At BaseCloud, we understand that Google Ads can be complex and challenging to manage, regardless of the size of your campaign and marketing budget. The best place to start when looking for improvements is a review of your current setup.

Through this no-obligation review, our experts will provide your business with insights on how to optimise your Google Ads for better results.

Put Your Money Where Your Conversions Are – Optimise Your Google Ads

Google Ads optimisation helps you reach potential customers based on what they are searching for.

Having done hundreds of reviews, we have found that most Google Ads accounts suffer from the same issues:

1. The budget is spent on irrelevant searches. 

    This increases your “cost per lead” or “cost per conversion”.

    2. Incorrect measurement of conversions. 

      Getting this wrong essentially trains Google’s algorithms incorrectly and you will be optimising for the wrong visitors.

      3. Not utilising the assets available in Google Ads fully or correctly. 

        Some of these assets work better than others. 

        4. Neglecting to keep your ‘negative keywords’ up to date. 

          This is where a lot of money is often wasted. 

          5. Not properly segmenting your performance tracking. 

            It’s challenging to track the performance of different services or products without segmenting. Segmenting is crucial because it helps you better understand what is working and what is not working.

            6. Having poorly set up geographic targeting. 

              This tends to get you a worse quality lead. 

              7. Not being able to exclude or filter out people “looking for jobs”. 

                Imagine receiving fewer job applications (for which you paid, unwillingly) and receiving more of the right leads.

                8. Spending TOO MUCH on your campaigns. 

                  Yes, this sounds like a strange statement, but sometimes spending LESS actually gives you MORE leads/conversions.

                  Remember, the more money you save by optimising your account, the more money you have available to generate the correct traffic to your website.

                  BaseCloud’s experts will help your business get insight into these challenges so you can optimise your campaigns to ensure you get maximum conversions.

                  Get the Best ROI For Your Google Ads

                  BaseCloud has extensive expertise in a wide range of Google Ad types, including Search Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads, Shopping Ads, and App Ads.

                  Depending on the campaign and your business’s goals, our experts will help your business to:

                  • Reach a targeted audience
                  • Create brand awareness
                  • Get better quality leads
                  • Generate more sales in the case of eCommerce
                  • Increase in-store purchases

                  By reviewing your Google Ads account, we can give you the insight to help you focus on conversions and the bottom line – money in the bank.

                  Why Choose BaseCloud?

                  We have excellent Google Ads specialists with years of experience driving successful marketing campaigns.

                  The BaseCloud team is involved in everything from digital advertising to CRM solutions, streamlining the sales journey from lead generation to sales processes and automation to the conclusion of the sale. 

                  At BaseCloud, we view your solution as a journey.

                  Your free Google Ads Review applies to one Google Ads Account per business. For better results, we will only review accounts that have been active for at least three months. 

                  Click for your free  Google Ads review with BaseCloud.

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