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The top 10 ads on YouTube in South Africa in 2016

The top 10 ads on YouTube in South Africa in 2016

YouTube has announced the top ten ads in South Africa on YouTube for 2016.

The YouTube Ads Leader board showcases the top 10 most popular and creative video ads watched in South Africa for the year.

The ranking is determined using a unique algorithm including the number of views within the country, view rate (how much of an ad people choose to watch), and the percentage of organic views versus paid views.

AXE’s Find your magic ad was the most watched on YouTube in South Africa, with over 1.65m views, with Fanta’s #FantaTastesLike : My Fanta Epic Taste Jam video  a close second with 1.45 million.

You can watch the full top 10 below:

AXE South Africa – Find your magic – 1.65 million views

Fanta – #FantaTastesLike : My Fanta Epic Taste Jam  – 1.45 million views

Knorr – Love at first taste  1.4 million views

Always – #Like a girl – Keep playing (20”)  – 1.35 million views

Coca-Cola South Africa – Brotherly Love #EnjoyTheFeeling – 1.34 million views

Dove – How old are you?  – 1.25 million views

LUX – She who dares  1.16 million views

Nedbank – Personal Loan Coach Dingaan Video  – 1.13 million views

Old Spice South Africa – Block, Block, Block Block Odours for 48 Houuuuuuuuurs! – 1.11 million views

MTN South Africa – #MyNightShift – million views

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  • I wonder if these ads get a hit when you skip the ad after 4 seconds.

    • Madimetsha

      i wonder who watches them, I always cant wait for the 4 seconds to be up.

  • Zaheer

    How many views dont show which is the best or worst advert – google : nolans cheddar cheese – best advert i have seen. Any1 know where u can rate adverts ?
    Santam had a nice 1 once

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