Secrecy around rumoured Springleap deal

 ·1 Oct 2012
Eric Edelstein and Eran Eyal

Springleap founders, Eran Eyal and Eric Edelstein, are not willing to discuss a rumoured deal which involved Eyal buying out Edelstein’s shares.

Industry rumours suggest that Edelstein sold his Springleap shares, and that he has no involvement in the company any longer.

Edelstein was asked about the deal, but he said that he was not at liberty to disclose any details about the deal, referring all questions to Eyal.

Eyal would also not give details about this issue, simply saying that they are “not at liberty to confirm such a transaction”.

However, Eyal said that “there is a huge amount of positivity surrounding Springleap’s pivot and its success, and yes: there are great changes abound”.

Edelstein and Eyal founded startup Fashion Evolution in 2007, and launched on 20 February 2008.

Eidelstein lists his involvement in Springleap on LinkedIn from January 2006 to August 2011.

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