Business uncapped ADSL prices compared

Telkom Business announced on 24 January 2013 that it will reduce its business uncapped ADSL products by up to 35%. The new pricing benefits new and existing customers, effective, 1 February 2013.

This price cut follows the recent announcement from Telkom that its capped customers who reach their internet cap will no longer be limited to local data. In future they will now also be able to access international sites – albeit at a slower speed.

Brian Armstrong, managing director of Telkom Business, explained that their Internet products for business customers now offer improved performance for business traffic.

He highlighted that the value added services on business uncapped offers have been improved. More advanced business features are planned for the coming months.

The new Telkom Business uncapped ADSL prices raise the question how their value compares to competitor service providers. The following tables provide an answer to this question.

Business uncapped ADSL prices
1Mbps standalone Price
Axxess 296
Afrihost 297
Web Africa 299
Telkom Business 359
Cybersmart 399
MWEB 759
Lantic 877
Imaginet 999
RSAWeb 999
2Mbps standalone
Afrihost 397
Axxess 496
Web Africa 549
Telkom Business 639
Cybersmart 799
MWEB 1199
Imaginet 1499
RSAWeb 1599
4Mbps standalone
Axxess 696
Afrihost 697
Web Africa 849
Cybersmart 975
Telkom Business 1299
MWEB 1899
RSAWeb 1999
Imaginet 2199
Lantic 2245
10Mbps standalone
Axxess 996
Afrihost 997
Web Africa 1399
Telkom Business 2399
Cybersmart 2450
RSAWeb 4899
Imaginet 4899
Lantic 5551
1Mbps bundled
Afrihost 446
Web Africa 449
Cybersmart 499
Telkom Business 595
MWEB 1048
RSAWeb 1138
Imaginet 1299
2Mbps bundled
Afrihost 676
Web Africa 799
Cybersmart 949
Telkom Business 995
MWEB 1429
Imaginet 1699
RSAWeb 1838
4Mbps bundled
Afrihost 1096
Web Africa 1249
Cybersmart 1299
Telkom Business 1795
MWEB 2259
RSAWeb 2358
Imaginet 2399
10Mbps bundled
Afrihost 1396
Web Africa 1799
Cybersmart 2799
Telkom Business 2895
Imaginet 5199
RSAWeb 5258

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Business uncapped ADSL prices compared