Ansys to change its name to Etion

 ·11 May 2018

Ansys, a diversified digital technology solutions provider listed on the Alt-X, has undergone a name change, to Etion.

“Ansys Limited Group has been implementing a bold new market repositioning and growth strategy over the past two years. The company identified the evolving technological landscape to which it must adapt, as a driver for continuous change in the company, in order to remain competitive.

“The company recognises the need to constantly move, to reinvent itself and to create new solutions,” it said in a statement.

Ansys is a digital provider of technology-based solutions to improve customer safety and productivity, connectivity, original design manufacturing, cyber security and digital defence needs.

It said that as a consequence of the growth strategy, and to align the objectives of the various business units within the company, it embarked on a re-branding exercise.

Ansys said its board decided that the current name no longer reflects the vision of the company, nor the continuing evolving technological landscape. “This transition requires energy and action, which can be captured into a single word, Etion,” it said.

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