These are the top countries people are leaving – including South Africa

 ·13 Jun 2016

New data from MoveHub, an international relocations expert, reveals the most popular countries for professional migrants.

MoveHub analysed the data of over 180,000 move enquiries from April 2015 to March 2016 in compiling its Global Moving Trends Report.

The data found that career opportunities, along with an ‘appealing lifestyle’ are the major reasons why people are moving to cities including New York, Amsterdam, Sydney, Dubai, and Melbourne.

Top 10 countries people are moving to

# Country Percentage
1 France 22.52%
2 United Kingdom 16.44%
3 USA 6.85%
4 Australia 6.38%
5 Spain 3.69%
6 Canada 3.30%
7 New Zealand 2.98%
8 Ireland 2.47%
9 UAE 2.42%
10 Germany 2.04%
14 South Africa 1.08%

South Africa is 14th on the list, ahead of countries including Sweden, Singapore, the Netherlands, and China.

The report noted that more people are moving to Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland than there are people who are leaving. A boost in their economies has renewed interest in these countries and has helped attract a new set of professional migrants.

Top 10 countries people are leaving

# Country Percentage
1 United Kingdom 32.79%
2 France 27.64%
3 Australia 7.52%
4 United States 7.38%
5 Ireland 2.02%
6 Canada 1.99%
7 New Zealand 1.80%
8 UAE 1.45%
9 Sweden 1.44%
10 Germany 1.13%
11 South Africa 1.09%

South Africa is above the likes of India, Spain, Brazil, and China when it comes to people wanting to leave their country.

Upon surveying MoveHub users, the migrant specialist said that three categories of global migrants stand out:

  • 34.8% move primarily for work (either with a current or new employer)
  • 29.7% move for something new (environment, culture, lifestyle)
  • 20.9% join family (married partner, parents, or children

MoveHub said it has seen a 14.94% increase in enquiries for international moves compared to the last financial year.

A Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) youth survey of high school students‚ average age 17‚ found that nearly half (48.8%) of respondents believe that South Africa would be a great place to have a successful career.

This compares to the 2012 survey results which found that 74% of the respondents surveyed then believed that the country is a great place to have a career.

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