The best city in South Africa – also ranks second in the world

 ·25 Jan 2024

Cape Town is not only seen as the best city in South Africa but also the second-best city in the world.

This is according to Time Out’s latest ranking of the top 50 cities in 2024. The rankings are based on an annual survey where residents are asked to share what it’s like to live, work and play in their home city.

The survey looks at food, nightlife, culture, how the city makes them feel, the beauty of the city, the ability to make social connections, and more.

Across the rankings, ‘The City That Never Sleeps’ New York took the crown due to its famed nightlife, art exhibitions, musical theatre scene, and constant innovation.

Cape Town came in second, ranking ahead of the likes of Berlin, London, Madrid and more.

The Western Cape’s capital scored highly for its natural beauty, especially Table Mountain and its numerous beaches. Looking at the numbers, 100% of locals stated that the city is beautiful and that it makes them happy.

The Mother City was also renowned for its multiculturalism, with the District Six Museum and Robben Island showcasing the turbulent history of apartheid.

The Bo-Kaap’s colourful homes have also been highlighted as a place to visit the city’s Cape Malay community, whilst more visitors are using tourist dollars to support the city’s township economies.

The city’s art scene was also lauded, with plenty of studios, galleries and public events, while it is also the most LGBTQ+ friendly city on the continent.

Overall, Cape Town’s cultural scene was named the best in the world for its quality.

The top ten cities in the world can be found below:

1New York, USA
2Cape Town, South Africa
3Berlin, Germany
4London, England
5Madrid, Spain
6Mexico City, Mexico
7Liverpool, England
8Tokyo, Japan
9Rome, Italy
10Porto, Portugal
Source: TimeOut

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