The odds of actually getting a R10 FlySafair ticket

 ·9 May 2024

FlySafair just held its highly popular annual sale, but fewer than 1% of participants actually managed to buy tickets.

The 10-year birthday sale saw 50,000 tickets sold for R10 yesterday, 8 May.

FlySafair said that 1,713,980 unique device IDs entered the waiting room during the day, up from last year’s figure of 1,425,378.

The group told MyBroadband that only 16,000 devices left the waiting room and made purchases, meaning that only 0.94% of devices got tickets.

This means that participants (assuming that they only used one device) only had a 1-in-107.12 chance of getting a ticket.

Had every customer only bought one ticket each, everyone would still only have a 2.92% of getting a ticket.

The R10 sale ended at about 18h00 and was followed by the 30% off After Party sale until 06h00 on 9 May.

The tickets were spread across the airline’s domestic routes, with dates spanning from May to November 2024.

Roughly 29% of the tickets were sold on the route between Cape Town and Johannesburg.

The Johannesburg-Durban route was also popular, as were the new routes between George and Cape Town and Cape Town and the Kruger.

Nearly 70% of shoppers accessed the sale from their mobile devices, while the remaining balance mainly used their desktops. FlySafair noted that 104 smart TVs also joined the sale.

“Yesterday’s sale brings us to a whopping 265,000 tickets sold from anything between R1 and R10,” said the group.

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