Burgers in South Africa – real life vs advertisements

 ·7 Sep 2015
Burger Header

Burger advertisements have one job – to get you to spend your money on a delicious piece of fast food.

Unfortunately for consumers, the burger your receive does not always look as appealing as the advertised version which got you to the store.

We decided to take a look at just how big the differences are between “real-life” burgers and their airbrushed counterparts – by purchasing burgers from popular local fast food joints and comparing them to the related adverts.

The method was simple: go to a restaurant, buy a burger, and take a photo of it. The burgers where transported with care, and were not disturbed from the state in which they were served to us.

The photos below show how the real-life versions stack up against their corresponding adverts. (Advertised on the left, real-life on the right).

KFC Colonel Burger – R29.90


Spur Burger – R62.90


Burger King Whopper – R28.90

Burger King

Nando’s Burger – R35.90


McDonald’s Big Mac – R28


Wimpy Burger – R30


Steers Burger – R26.90


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