Watch: drone footage shows South Africa’s huge wealth gap

Johnny Miller of Unequal Scenes reveals the inequality among communities in South Africa’s suburban landscape.

Previously BusinessTech published photos of the same footage, as captured by the South African photographer. More photos of Miller’s project can be found on his site, Unequal Scenes.

“Discrepancies in how people live are sometimes hard to see from the ground. The beauty of being able to fly is to see things from a new perspective – to see things as they really are,” said Miller when he first published the images in 2016.

“Looking straight down from a height of several hundred meters, incredible scenes of inequality emerge. Some communities have been expressly designed with separation in mind, and some have grown more or less organically.”

Miller has uploaded a series of videos onto Youtube capturing the wealth divide in the cape city. “Oftentimes, communities of extreme wealth and privilege will exist just meters from squalid conditions and shack dwellings,” he said.

The Cape Town based photographer has since been shortlisted for the 2017 D&AD Next Photographer Award, the Guardian reported.

“It’s surprising how looking at something from a new angle can change people’s perspectives. When I began the Unequal Scenes project a year ago, I had no idea that flying a drone over the townships, gated communities and golf courses of South Africa could make such an impact,” he told the British paper in an interview this week.

Papwa Golf Course – Durban

Kya Sands/Bloubosrand

Imizamo Yethu/Hout Bay

Masiphumelele/Lake Michelle


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Watch: drone footage shows South Africa’s huge wealth gap