New BusinessTech design – Faster, smoother, cleaner

 ·24 Jul 2023

BusinessTech has officially launched its new site design, delivering a faster, smoother, and cleaner experience to all readers.

BusinessTech conducted a soft launch of the new design in June, which was well received by readers and commercial partners.

The new design has now been officially implemented across BusinessTech on desktops/laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Major benefits

The new design delivers a range of benefits to both BusinessTech readers and advertising partners.

The first major improvement is faster load times across the board, which means readers will access content faster.

This allows for improved viewability of advertising campaigns on BusinessTech, too, including display banners, sponsored articles, and videos.

The second is an updated layout, with a modern design focused on clean aesthetics. This makes for a more pleasant experience for all users.

Additionally, all category pages on BusinessTech have been designed to serve as “home pages” for their respective topics.

The “Energy Category” on BusinessTech, for example, now serves as an “Energy Home Page” – displaying the latest news about Eskom, sustainable power solutions, backup power systems, and more.

Both readers and commercial partners will benefit from this update.

Content discovery has also been greatly improved with the new design, allowing readers to quickly and seamlessly access new and relevant content when they reach the end of an article.

The result is more readers spending more time on BusinessTech.

Biggest in South Africa

BusinessTech is the largest and most influential business news site in South Africa.

It is read by over 5 million South Africans each month, the majority of whom are C-level executives, business owners, company directors, managers, and professionals.

The new site design is part of BusinessTech’s continued mission to be the best business platform in the country.

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