Facebook introduces new features for 2018 FIFA World Cup

In celebration of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Facebook and Messenger are introducing a number of product features to help fans cheer on the action.

According to a statement released on Monday (11 June), these new will features include:

  • Show your team colours – The day before the tournament, fans may see an animated message at the top of their Facebook News Feed inviting them to share their fandom with a profile frame of their favourite team competing in the World Cup. Fans clicking on the message will be able to update their profile frame with the team frame of their choice. Profile frames are available for all 32 teams competing in the tournament.
  • Cheer together with animations in posts and comments – Fans will discover fun animations when they celebrate their favourite team using select phrases in News Feed. This feature will unlock new ways for friends to cheer together and celebrate the action on the pitch. For example, someone may see this feature if they type in “gooaal” to celebrate their favourite team scoring, or if they type in a select cheer from one of the 32 competing countries. These phrases can be activated by posting or commenting with the correct phrase or tapping on the phrase when highlighted.
  • Get Creative with Effects in Facebook Camera and Messenger – Throughout the tournament, fans can swipe right into the Camera on Facebook and Messenger to capture and share their team spirit using effects.
  • Effects: You can click on the effects wand to find augmented reality stickers of players such as Sergio Ramos. Drop them in the scene around you and start filming; for example, juggle alongside Sergio Ramos and share your moments to Stories or News Feed.
  • Camera: Via the camera on both Facebook and Messenger, add AR effects to show off your fandom. You can snap a photo with face paint or a festive flag wig to show off your fandom and celebrate the 32 competing teams.’
  • Play a game with friends on Messenger: Just in time for the tournament, a new twist on the keepie uppie game arrives in Messenger. Play the hidden keepie uppie game in Messenger by sending a flag of your choice and a football/soccer ball to your friends in a chat.

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Facebook introduces new features for 2018 FIFA World Cup