WASPA Cell C SMS complaint uncertainty

The Wireless Application Service Providers’ Association (WASPA) is understood to be reconsidering its plan to file a complaint against Cell C with the Competition Commission for providing preferential services and prices to a single SMS provider.

At the recent WASPA AGM the majority of the body’s members voted in favour of lodging a complaint against Cell C for giving preferential treatment to Blue Label Telecoms owned Cellfind on bulk SMS pricing and a cross-network A2P reply path.

Cell C responded saying that this was a ‘technical trial’ which has been successfully concluded. The mobile operator explained that it could not provide similar services to other WASPs during this trial phase, because it posed a risk to its network and its business.

Cell C said it is planning to implement a new commercial model for WASPs, which will be applied in a uniform manner.

WASPA considering stopping the complaint?

MyBroadband has now received information that WASPA may be reconsidering its plans to lodge a complaint against Cell C, following discussions between the organisation and Cell C.

WASPA has apparently agreed to hold off on the complaint to consult its membership again on the issue.

MyBroadband contacted WASPA chairperson Leon Perlman to gain clarity on the issue, but he did not respond to any questions. Perlman also did not answer questions on what WASPA members feel about the complaint.

Not all WASPA members will be happy with a decision to stop the Competition Commission complaint against Cell C.

According to one WASPA member, who asked not to be named, the decision to lodge a complaint against Cell C gained overwhelming support by WASPA’s members and there is no reason to second guess this decision.

There is also a feeling among some WASPA members that a Competition Commission complaint will send a much needed message to all mobile operators that they should not play favourites when it comes to WASP rates and treatment.

MyBroadband tried to contact Perlman again shortly before publication, but he could not be reached telephonically.

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WASPA Cell C SMS complaint uncertainty