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Here’s when South Africa’s new speed limits and other road rules will come into effect

Here’s when South Africa’s new speed limits and other road rules will come into effect

Transport Minister spokesperson Ishmael Mnisi has confirmed to BusinessTech when South African motorists can expect to see the Department of Transport’s big proposed road regulations implemented.

The first of these regulations will come into effect from 11 May 2017 and will prohibit bakkie drivers from both transporting children in the back of their vehicles, as well as stop them from carrying more than five passengers in the vehicle’s load bay.

In addition, stricter speed regulations have been placed on heavy goods vehicles, limiting how fast the vehicles are permitted to travel based on their weight. These vehicles will also have to display a sticker with a ‘100’ limit.

Mnisi also confirmed that the other major proposed regulations first brought to light in 2015, would be open for public comment within the coming months, with the idea that the rules would be implemented officially within the next year.

These new regulations include:

  • Drivers will have to undergo a practical re-evaluation when renewing a licence.
  • A complete review and revamp of the current K53 test.
  • Speed limits to be reduced from 60km/h to 40km/h in urban areas, from 100 to 80km/h in rural areas and from 120 to 100km/h on freeways running through a residential area
  • Goods vehicles above 9,000kg GVM to be banned from public roads during peak travelling times.

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  • x10sion

    “Drivers will have to undergo a practical re-evaluation when renewing a licence.” wasting even more time when having to wait inline for license renewals take all day already!

    • I dont know better

      it is not practical, I doubt we will see this come through, and even if it does, it can’t be enforced.
      It is hard enough getting bookings to go for your drivers test as it is. Now you are going to add like another million tests, if not more, a year to the roster? Impossible

    • White Guy…Deal with it!

      As of 2013 there were 11 million. Renew every 5 years means 2,2 mil renewals to add to the +- 1 million new entrants!
      6 months waiting list for the 1 million new guys at the moment so methinks this is plenty of pie in the sunny blue sky!

    • Quentin Campbell

      Agree, not practical but I actually wish it was possible.

  • I dont know better

    I am fine with almost all that, except the speed limits down from 60 to 40 – that is just unreasonable. And people who drive at 60km/h are not the ones who kill others. It is those who ignore the speed limit who do. Why punish those who obey the law? It is going to make no difference, and just frustrate people, possible creating more road rage

    • Brian Tasker

      Welcome to Australia….

      • Wurnman

        Yeah a friend of mine who lived in Aus also complained about the traffic speeds over there.

    • Freddie Jones

      40Km/H is the urban speed limit in most of the world.

      The countries that use Imperial measure have a limit of 30mph, to express it in Napoleonic units, 48Km/H, still much lower than 60Km/H

      SA having a limit of 60Km/H and such a high road death rate are very probably related.

      • Allan Strydom

        I drive 35 kms to work every day, and 35 kms back every day, travelling on multiple freeways and on residential roads, at various speeds.

        And I’ve been doing that for the last 10 years in my current job.

        And based on that alone, I’m pretty confident that the reasons for the death toll and carnage on our roads are:

        1. Non roadworthy vehicles that shouldn’t even be on the road in the first place and are rolling death traps.

        2. A complete and utter disregard for road law and common sense by the minibus taxi industry who constitute a significant percentage of the traffic in the morning and evening periods.

        The amount of reckless and stupid things that I see them do on a daily basis defies belief. They literally drive as if there are no road laws and there are no established rules for how to behave on a public road. They whatever they like.

        3. General stupidity by the driving public in general and a severe lack of awareness of what is going on around them by a large percentage of the drivers on the road. It never ceases to amaze me how oblivious people are and how they completely fail to anticipate a problem, or pro-actively respond to potential problems starting to occur ahead of them.

        The least of the problems is speed. It’s just easy to blame speed and use that to try and solve everything else because if you slow everything down to a crawl then naturally it everything else must be less likely to happen, right?

        Wrong. That just causes more frustration and more reckless behaviour.

        The real problem is a complete and utter failure to effectively police the existing rules of the road and get the minibus taxi industry in line.

        • disqus_8JVZTtNOj3

          If you criticise the taxi industry, you are a racist.

          • Allan Strydom

            Good to know. I was under the impression that if I criticize the taxi industry it means I’m not deaf, dumb and blind.

            Shows you what I know.

          • disqus_8JVZTtNOj3

            In a “democracy” you have to be careful in choosing when to be deaf, dumb and blind.

          • peter

            Forget your dumb stupid racist excuse – be clever and look at the stats/facts, they dont lie.

          • disqus_8JVZTtNOj3

            Peter: Did anyone ever tell you that you have lost your sense of humour?

        • Jay

          100%, hit the nail on the head with that list. Also, speed can definitely kill, but is certainly low down on the list compared to the things you mentioned. Makes no safety sense to only police a thing low down on a list – of course it makes lots of monetary sense.

        • Brian MrDIY

          Regards point 2 … I have a question that appears to have an answer, but nobody wants to actually provide the answer.

          Take all the deaths over holiday season. What is the percentage of these deaths caused or involves a minibus taxi. Surely these stats are available?

        • Jeffery Stokes

          100% nail on head.. I would add one more thing, pedestrians who don’t know that cars exist and have right of way.

      • lyallchazen

        Have you researched this? In no way is a speed of limit of 60 related to deaths.

        • “in no way”
          Talk about grand sweeping statements.
          You can easily go find studies on the topic and see for yourself that the accident rate at 60km/h versus 40km/h is statistically higher, particularly the mortality rate is higher.

          To quote you, have you researched this before making your statement?

    • Jeffery Stokes

      While I agree with you that the 40km/h is dumb. You have no evidence to back up your assertion that the people that drive over the speed limit are the ones killing others. This morning I was doing the speed limit 100km/h on the m3. Some ass in the left lane that was doing about 60 swerves into the right lane because someone was coming onto the highway. I had to swerve onto the shoulder to avoid him. He then proceeds to shout at me when we get to a.robot that he had his indicator on. I was completely dumb struck at his ignorance. Because i never knew that putting on your indicator makes the people next to you or driving past you disappear… and of course in k53 they say as soon as you put on your indicator you have right of way. To blame deaths on only on people speeding is absolute rubbish. Just so you know. If you hit a pedestrian at 60km/h they have a 90% chance of dying. And lets not forget the death toll on the unlimited autobahn is about 500 to 600 people a year. Thats less than the south african death toll(840) during the period 1 dec to 19 dec death toll let alone our entire years road deaths…Speed is the smallest part of our problem. Don’t fall for the propaganda, speed is just the easiest way for the traffic department to make money by sitting on their gat behind a tree.

      • Quentin Campbell

        No problem with your opinion. Just, the Autobahn is not the only road in Germany. That would be like comparing a section of the N1 to it.

        • Jeffery Stokes


        • peter

          THey make up a huge part of the system and the 2ndary roads (Bundesstrassen) are great too with fast driving people and of the lowest incident rate in the word. Why, the people.

        • Jay

          The Autobahn also doesn’t have taxi’s, blue light brigades, potholes, cows, goats, kudu’s etc.

          • Jeffery Stokes

            That’s my point, there are more issues at play here than speed.

      • Jay

        Some ass that can’t drive doesn’t take away the fact that speed can kill.

        The thing is that pedestrian that jumps in front of you out of nowhere with almost no time to react- if you are doing 80, after applying the brakes (with reflexes in mind) you are going to hit the pedestrian at 60. If you were doing 60 you are going to hit him/her at 35. Unfortunately we have pedestrians that are as bad as drivers.

        Which brings me to another point…the 60 speed limit is fine as it is. It gives you enough time to react in most instances. The majority of people do 80 in 60 zones anyway, and most likely will do 80 in 40 zones as well.

        • Perhaps these ANC ‘inteligentia’ are unaware that brakes with ABS are far more efficient and result less stopping distances- so a 40 km per hr speed limit is just plain stupid.What is about the ANC that they can never see/ admit what the real problems are and get to tackling those?

          • Please go compile statistics on how many cars on SA’s roads are equipped with ABS. I’m sure many of us would love to see those numbers in reference to your argument.

        • Jeffery Stokes

          Do you have the proof to back up that assertion that someone driving at 80 will only have time to slow down to 60km/h? You have the proof that someone doing 60km/h will have time to slow down to 35km/h before hitting a pedestrian?

      • “and of course in k53 they say as soon as you put on your indicator you have right of way”
        What? Where? It says the precise opposite of that. Turning on your indicator indicates your intent to do something but does not give you right of way to do anything; it’s no more than a warning signal to others you’re obligated to make use of.

        “And lets not forget the death toll on the unlimited autobahn”
        Good lord I love when people bring up this moronic point.
        If you’re caught as a pedestrian on the autobahn you’re going to face very significant fines and possibly jail time. Completely and utterly different to crossing a street in a residential area. This is like comparing a bicycle lane in a park to the Killarney Race Track when used for motorcycle races. Moenie daai kak doen nie.

        Speed changes reaction times and braking distances; the braking distance change between 40km/h and 60km/h is, granted, practically negligible for most cars, but the reaction time difference is still somewhat significant.

        That sort of speed in a residential area, where there are many more pedestrians and particularly many more people crossing roads in addition to unpredictable animals (pets) which might come into the road makes lots of sense.

        And if you truly think it’s going to have too significant of an impact on your patience, consider this; the typical residential area that would apply to will typically be no longer than 10km for you to drive through ‘at once’.

        At 60km/h average (a speed you will NOT maintain for that stretch anyway since you’ll be facing many intersections and traffic lights, not to mention traffic congestion if on a ‘main road’) it would take you 10 minutes to cover that distance. At 40km/h 15 minutes.

        Now consider, again, that your average speed is never going to reach anything near 60km/h anyway because of the aforementioned intersections/traffic lights and the chances are good this 10km stretch of road always takes you 15min or longer anyway and that nothing would realistically change for you anyway.

        The only thing that changes is the upper limit people are allowed to floor it to from intersection to intersection.

        *edit* And if you don’t believe me on the aforementioned times for the distances, go time yourself on some residential roads you travel sometime at your current 60km/h limit. Compare how long it took you to cover the distance you did to how long it should have taken if you were averaging 60km/h. Then, when that road’s nice and quiet so you’re not instilling roadrage in anyone, go drive the same stretch with a 40km/h upper limit and compare your times. Chances are good there’s going to be so small a difference as to be inconsequential.

  • BrS

    “Drivers will have to undergo a practical re-evaluation when renewing a licence.”

    And where will South Africa find the resources to do this? They cannot even keep up with the current load.

    • disqus_8JVZTtNOj3

      This will be an excellent opportunity to pay another bribe, without which
      the examiner will simply not pass you.

    • Technically ‘they’ can. What ‘they’ can’t keep up with is people wanting to swarm to the same traffic departments instead of going just a little bit out of their way to a quieter one with a more open schedule to get it done there instead.

      What would be immensely useful though is being able to see online (needs to be an app for that) where there are going to be openings for the practicals so one can book remotely to go do it and pay from one’s phone/computer.

      I see no reason at all one should need to sit in a TD for upwards of an hour to get to the counter, provide your ID number, hand over some money and get your appointment details when you could do precisely those things through your phone…

  • James Dean

    Reducing the speed limit won’t stop the carnage. Changing peoples mindset will, starting from the top.

  • James Dean

    “The first of these regulations will prohibit bakkie drivers from transporting children in the back of their vehicles, as well as stop them from carrying more than five passengers in the vehicle’s load bay.”

    So you’ll be prohibited to transport children but you’ll be allowed to transport adults in the back of a bakkie? Well let me tell you, a bakkie full of adults in the load body rear ended me once and it wasn’t a pretty site.

  • Warren Meinking

    How about instead of creating new laws, actually enforce the ones we already have.

    • Rob Charlton

      Wish I could give this more than one upvote.

    • Mikhael Rowe

      No man, now you’re just trying to be logical. What’s wrong with you?

      • Razmataz

        Yeah Warren was just being childish. Enforce laws!? What is that? A coke?

    • Hahaha don’t joke please! Its obvious they want to ruin the economy

      • Johnoe01

        Too late. They already have.

    • l0cal_user

      Dont you dare try push your colonial logic on the South African authorities!

    • Richard

      Bylaw court will be established to deal with offenders. Laws need to be enforced and taken seriously

    • Aristophanes

      Especially on freaking minibus taxis who are a law unto themselves and will never keep to the 40 kph limit in urban areas.

      And anyway, that 40 kph limit in urban areas is ridiculous.

      As for 80 kph on rural roads – that is absolutely ridiculous in a country as big as SA is. These people are idiots, and as you say, enforce the limits we already have, but more importantly make sure the fools driving actually have valid licences!

      • Keith Kelly

        Considering the destroyed state of most of the “rural” or gravel roads that I have to travel on for work purposes in my part of the countryside (Northern Cape) the 80kph speed limit would be a moot point……I CHALLENGE you to even ATTEMPT to travel at 80kph on most of these roads…..for that matter the same applies to many of the tarred roads….

        • Aristophanes

          I leave it to you. But when you’ve finally kicked out the ANC and maybe the roads are fixed, YOU try driving down them at such a ridiculous speed. The morons that are setting these stupid limits are the same ones not fixing your roads. Instead of doing what they should be doing, and getting these unlicensed stupid drivers off the road, which obviously they can’t because it’s their voters we’re talking about, they take the easy option of reducing speed limits to ridiculous levels. Cowards.

          And if I see the fool Benson from the Cape going on about the same thing, I won’t be responsible for my actions. It’s not ‘speed’ that kills, it’s inappropriate speed by unlicensed and/or useless drivers!

          • Fun fact: being licensed does not magically impart mystical kwaai-driver powers.

    • Thinus

      The only reason for this is to increase income from speeding infringements because they sure as hell do not police anything. Another B$ scheme vomited into reality by cANCer

      • Grové Erasmus

        First world regulations for 3rd world rulezzz.

    • Agreed- but it’s too much work and management- not the way in SA!

  • White Guy…Deal with it!

    So the 10 year old on a bicycle can now overtake my car on the way to school? How’s that making things safer?
    You need to be out there ENFORCING the rules, not adjusting them so you can sit back and rely on a camera to do your jobs!

    Besides…..when last did anyone pay a speeding fine via camera? For me it’s been over a decade!

    Remember, the objective isn’t to make up your Christmas bonus, it’s saving lives!!!

    • Jeffery Stokes

      You asking to much. Because someone has to sit on.their gat to catch the speeders and at least 100 Cops have to stand around at road blocks. While 5 are actually out on the roads on patrol. WC traffic even has a special task force for road blocks. Wtf

  • Red_Baron1234

    Well I see more unlicensed drivers joining the road with the extra tests. Where are they going to find the time? First get the unlicensed drivers of the road. I know quite a few drivers that never had a licence.

  • Allan Strydom

    Requiring practical re-evaluation for a license renewal is an absurd suggestion. The licensing departments can’t handle the amount of license applications and drivers tests they already have. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the plan is to also charge more for the renewals now, because a practical evaluation is required, so they can milk the tax payers for even more money.

    The K53 definitely needs to be scrapped and the drivers tests needs to be completely re-designed. The K53 is, and always has been, a ridiculous way to test someones ability to drive a car. The current test has virtually no direct relation to the actual driving skills required to drive on an actual road and people are routinely failed in those tests for stupid minor technicalities just so they can make more money out of the applicants.

    Changes related to heavy vehicles on the road mostly make sense because they do cause a lot of problems, but they are also necessary for our economy to function, so anything else imposed on them needs to be reasonable, as much as heavy vehicles frustrate and annoy me on a daily basis.

    Any suggested changes to speed limits need to be ignored as the stupid ideas they are, suggested by clueless people who clearly have absolutely NO understanding of what actually causes the problems on our road.

    ANY reduction of speed limits is nothing more than yet another attempt to extort more money from the tax payers. The current speed limits in many areas in this country are already ridiculous and unrealistic from a practical standpoint, make no common sense, and do nothing but cause congestion and frustrate drivers.

    • Mikhael Rowe

      I agree with you. The K53, as I understand it, is a British module that they want to implement in an SA situation. Now tell me, when one has successfully passes the K53, does one still drive like that afterwards? I think not.

      • Quentin Campbell

        I wrote for my big bike license last year and I’ve had a vehicle drivers license for over 30 years. Of course, I sailed through the test. But being older and wiser, I really thought how absurd the test were. Does not teach you very much about road knowledge and being street wise.
        And there are so many ‘help’ web sites and answers to questions available it that the K53 does not really teach you anything about road skills and safety.

        • Jeffery Stokes

          100% the other problem is that driving schools are build to get you through the system as quick as possible not to teach people how to drive. For the written test they take you through the test until you memorized the answers. They don’t teach people anything. That’s why even though people have license they don’t actually understand the rules. Driving schools have to take a lot of the blame for.the lack of driver knowledge.

      • Ouch!

        Having originally passed my test in the UK, and subsequently retaken it in SA (long story), I can safely say that K53 is nothing like the UK test.

        • Mikhael Rowe

          I remember when the K53 just came out in SA (I will never forget it because the month it came out I had to pass my drivers with the K53, didn’t know what the heck it was, and failed) it was explained that it was like the UK test and it was made to make drivers drive slower. But from your experience I gather you know much more than me about it, so will gladly take your word for it.

          • Ouch!

            To be honest, my overriding memory of K53 is that it’s overly complicated and distracting. For example, when I was “practising” for my SA test, I almost jumped a red light because I was too busy doing my observations on side-streets and driveways.
            I think they’d be better just teaching people to think for themselves, rather than about themselves. Fast chance, I know…

          • Mikhael Rowe

            Exactly! I remember when (after the first fail) I tried the K53 I was so busy doing all the “distractions” I almost drove into another vehicle. I completely agree, it is overly complicated and distracting so no one is going to drive like that.

          • Ouch!

            Sadly, sensible people like us aren’t the ones making the rules…

    • juan

      The people who suggests the speed limit reductions is the same people who have their nice blue light brigades who never actually see anything on the road….

      • David Mackie

        You hit the nail smack on the head.

    • Primaat

      Mr. Strydom.
      Regarding the “practical re-testing”:
      Currently one needs to pass an “eye test”, when renewing your driver’s license. It took us more than two, (yes 2!), months to actually get this done for my dear wife, because of the ridiculously long queue at the testing/renewal office!
      We have to travel more than 120 km’s just to be able to reach the office, only to be unsuccessful! Being pensioners, we simply cannot afford this, either in time or financially. Who is going to pay for this stupid idea, apart from who is going to conduct the test?
      This is ANOTHER way of criminalizing law-abiding citizens, as it WILL result in more people driving without valid licenses!

      • Allan Strydom

        I’m not sure why that was directed at me personally with my formal title but I actually agree with you 100%.

        I can’t tell if you thought that I somehow agreed with their misguided stupidity, but to be clear, I most definitely do not agree with it at all.

        It’s all just a mess and the existing system is so broken already that it’s laughable that they can even consider adding more overhead to it.

        • Primaat

          Geagte Mnr. Strydom.

          Nee, wees verseker daarvan dat die bedoeling nie was om u te kritiseer nie; inteendeel, die bedoeling was juis om u kommentaar te ondersteun!
          Die totale, onbeskryflike, patetiese gedagte/denkwyse van die voorstel is eenvoudig verstommend!

  • Rob Charlton

    Just wait until you see the fee structures.

  • Ouboet

    Why not just have a law where no trucks are allowed in the travel & fast lanes? If it’s a 4-lane highway (such as most urban highways these days), heavy good vehicles should only be allowed to drive in the left two lanes. That will already curb a lot of frustration. Too often you see a truck trying to overtake a truck trying to overtake another truck, and if you are behind any of them, good luck getting over because everyone in the fast lane is doing 140km/h and won’t under any circumstances give you a gap.

    • Jay

      I took a picture of 4 trucks on all 4 lanes on the N1 near Cape Town….going up Tygerberg hill….no one was getting around them on that day, not even the 140km/h guys…

  • Slower highways, more traffic, less economy. Good job people. Really good job.

    • MP3

      since when have they done something progressive

  • Einstein

    $$$$$$ Municipalities can’t wait for the first of May $$$$$. Just think how much they are going to make .Bonuses for all and new cars for everybody in municipalities. Another way to solve the problems of bankrupt municipalities.

  • I don’t even want to know what they are going to do to the K53 if they think this will solve the problems. This is ridiculous man. If you can’t drive and avoid a crash @ 60kmh you should NOT be driving

    • NitzMan

      Have you seen learner drivers now days? They’re useless. They drive at ridiculously low speeds, do a bit of “yard work” and then drive on the road at 40km/h. Then they receive their driver’s license based on this. So in the real world, they have no ability to drive or react to situations that may arise. These “licensed” driver are a danger to society.

      I’d like to see them set the bar higher for obtaining a drivers license, because parking alone doesn’t cut it. Prove that you can drive on the freeway, and at night and in inclement weather and react to changing situations.

  • NitzMan

    Here’s my problem with criminalizing speed. Before I begin, I’d like to start with a disclaimer that I do not condone excessive speed and reckless driving.

    Laws are created to protect people, it’s meant to maintain a civil society. When you harm someone, or their property, you should be prosecuted for such a crime. A speeding fine is a victim-less crime, because you haven’t harmed anyone, but could have potentially harmed someone. It’s like fining someone for running with scissors. It’s totally understandable, because prevention is better than cure, right. But then someone actually drives into me, because they were being reckless and breaking the rules of the road and absolutely nothing happens to them.

    So this is how the law works, they prosecute you for potentially harming someone, but when you do actually harm someone by causing a collision, all it okay? I say start prosecuting people who cause collisions and it’ll make our roads much safer.

  • Wurnman

    Petition time people

    • Konstabel Koekemoer

      Protest time, if any of these idiotic rules are implemented we need to take to the streets. Petitions are a total waste of time.

  • Raymond Potgieter

    Will TAXI drivers be excluded from the rules because they seem to be excluded already? First recover the billions of outstanding fines that the taxi drivers owe the government, and then dream up your next bright ideas how to make roads safer… Oh and who will enforce the rules? Because no one is currently enforcing anything. You, yes you… take a walk to your nearest traffic light and stand there for about five minutes. Count the amount of taxi’s and cars that skip red traffic lights… fix that… !!

  • Runnin Bare

    No mention about how many taxi accidents and cause of accidents over the holiday season. They will be exempt from any new laws, business as usual.

    • Gemma Tell

      And accidents involving scholars. I see how they stuff the kids into these mini-bus taxis (which are re-builds so the vehicle is illegal to begin with) but somehow Metro and SAPS just don’t see them. They manage to get to the accident sites quick enough though.

      • Daniel

        Incorrect. A car, which is a code 3, or as the E-Natis document says “Rebuild” is not illegal and can be used for personal gain.

        A code 2 is a used car but could have also been in a minor accident.

        A code 4 is a complete write off and can never get a license.

  • disqus_YkD3FoTA8A

    Thank heavens there is nothing ‘New’ re drinking and driving.

  • Ride 247

    Really! Typical ANC – keep increasing the size of the hammer, but never actually wield it.

    How pathetic

  • MP3

    nothing says “we’re dumb and have no clue what we’re doing” more than these changes

  • Gemma Tell

    A law created to enforce a previous law is not a law. Is this decolonised law?

  • Louis Botes

    As noted below – They are simply creating new laws when current laws are ignored by public. There seems to be no logical reason for doing this?

  • Schrödinger’s Cat

    Another way to swell their already bulging wallets.

  • Konstabel Koekemoer

    The new regulations that have not been implemented as yet are absurd and will increase the carnage on the road and not decrease it. The current speed limits are not the problem it is the drivers that don’t obey them that are. By lowering them the law abiding drivers are punished while the speedsters carry on as before. And not allowing heavy trucks to drive at certain times will cause havoc in the transport industry and you will end up with huge clusters of trucks that all leave at the same when it’s time for them to be allowed to drive again. And not to speak of the robberies that will occur when ttucks with valuable loads have to stand next to the highway for long periods of time. And lastly how will they ever manage to test everyone everytime a lucense is renewed. And who will pay for the costs? If these regulations are passed we need some mass action…

  • Razmataz

    “Drivers will have to undergo a practical re-evaluation when renewing a licence.” Government creating new economic opportunities for those “legit” officials. Coke anyone?

  • Luke Spencer

    All that this will do is criminal society even more. More people will forgo the rules and fewer people will abide by the rules that are in place. Re-evaluation. F-it I’ll just drive around without a license and pay the fine, than have to go through all the hassle of some uneducated idiot telling me if I know how to drive after 27 years.

    • disqus_8JVZTtNOj3

      The uneducated clod will become extremely cooperative if you just offer him a cooldrink.

  • Wow, they are absolutely clueless with regards to the proposed new “speed” limits!

  • Henri

    A complete laugh a minute. They cannot enforce anything. Sad. How can they order trucks not to travel during peak travelling times? Do they not realise their failure to maintain the railways makes the country dependent on the big trucks for the distribution of goods?

  • Mark

    All they need to do is get rid of K53 (which isn’t used on the roads practically) and rather teach drivers how to INDICATE. I.e. how to use the lever on the side of the steering wheel to indicate your intention BEFORE you actually turn or come to a sudden stop without warning. This seems to escape a lot of people.

  • Michal Mierzwa

    If we go any slower, Hijackers will have much easier time with victims!

  • Doesnt_Matter

    This government… stupidity since inception. ANC is an STD to this country

  • brz

    I think the proper way to decide on which new laws/regulations are required if you want to make the roads safer, is to assess the factors which cause so many deaths on the road, and try to eliminate the most important ones. I’m sure speed is not at the top of the list. What about drunk driving/walking, and ineffective law enforcement? There’s also the unroadworthiness of vehicles, and unsafe roads due to poor maintenance. Perhaps their reasoning is to get people to drive so slow through the potholes they don’t need to fill them up.

  • peter

    These dumb politicians create rules but dont apply – basta. Tackle the biggest killer on the road i.e. taxis and you solve 1/2 the problem. But, they are tooo …… to understand that.

  • Thank you citizens for voting ANC. Its just the start of 2017 and already 2 new laws passed – 1. This new speed limits along with practical re-evaluations to renew your licence, and 2. the increase in tax! Excellent… just excellent.


    the practical re-evaluation will never come into law… too many fat idiots who can’t do their job means less workers and overloaded request for re-examination

  • lyallchazen

    These laws are insane and may actually increase the deaths on roads due to driver frustration. Who can stand to drive at only 40 in urban areas? It won’t even be possible to beat red lights.

  • Seriously?

    All goods vehicles should be banned in peak hours – excellent idea! I would say banned all trucks more than 4 tons. You actually should have done this years ago.

    Drivers practical re-evaluation – seriously? Who is going to pay for that test, us the drivers? What, another thing to pay? Not to mention, are you going to give me “special government granted leave” to go sit in line all day with the other 40 – 50+ awaiting people, until its my turn to do the test? Why don’t you rather go and eradicate corruption at the Learner / Driver Test Centres for obvious reasons…

    Reducing the speed limit – seriously? We live in fast-paced times. Going back to “horse & carriage” speeds is not going to help, it is going to make things worse. First sentence coming to mind “more road rage & frustration”…

    The only time you enforce a reduced speed limit, is when the road surface is bad and the road is falling apart, oh wait!?

    Rather re-instate some of the “old proven laws” that you abolished, like; no pedestrians on a highway, no stopping on a highway, no towing on a highway, enforce the “minimum highway speed limit” that is forgotten / abolished. Bring back “bus stops” and enforce it on all public road transport.

    And as you are at it, do some “school” pedestrian-education; a “red man” means don’t walk, wait for the “green man”. Only cross a road on a “pedestrian crossing”. Look both directions before you cross a road.

    Maybe next “festive season” do some pedestrian-education on TV & Radio and the media – don’t just targeting the motorist as we are not the only road users!

  • PissedOffSouthAfrican

    They can lower the speed limit even more, it’s not gonna change anything. It’s not people who obey the law who cause accidents.

  • Sarel Lotz

    Most drivers think that the speed LIMIT is actually a speed TARGET.
    Look around you next time on the road – Keep to the speed limit and see how many are trying to get into the boot of your car!

  • Chris

    Time for fake numberplate, because there’s no way in hell in driving 40 in 60 zone!

  • Sarah

    Now what exactly does a 100km/h sticker mean on a truck or taxi? Whilst doing 130 on the freeway, these trucks/taxis come steaming past, too fast to recognise the sticker.

  • “Drivers will have to undergo a practical re-evaluation when renewing a licence”
    I’d say this would need to be done on a case by case basis. Someone who has been engaged in multiple collisions over the past year(s) should be obligated to undergo the re-evaluation, as people who have a recent history of medical ailments which under any normal circumstances would have seen their license revoked anyway. Some people are no longer meant to be on the roads by continue driving all the same, placing themselves and particularly others at risk.

    “A complete review and revamp of the current K53 test.”
    Not necessarily a bad idea, but only if it’s going to be made more comprehensive. Right now it’s actually too simple and I’m honestly shocked there are people who manage to fail it. I have gone to get mine for car and motorcycle together three times over the past 6 years (the last two times I had it I simply forgot to book my driver’s license tests because for my bike I don’t need it and for the car I only ever use the thing when my mom and I are going somewhere together, anyway), and I can see no reason someone should be managing to fail the tests since they aren’t knowledge-based so much as logic/reasoning based. If someone lacks the reasoning capacity to pass the tests then they don’t belong on the roads yet as a rule imo.

    “Speed limits to be reduced from 60km/h to 40km/h in urban areas, from 100 to 80km/h in rural areas and from 120 to 100km/h on freeways running through a residential area”
    No arguments from me for these but they need to actually be enforced. It’s pointless bringing the speed down in a residential area if people are already exceeding 60km/h in places.

    “Goods vehicles above 9,000kg GVM to be banned from public roads during peak travelling times”
    WHAT NINE THOUSAND, THERE’S NO WAY THAT CAN BE RIGHT!? Nah but this COULD be a good move IF properly planned for, which is not something you guys at the DoT are going to get done in even a year, I think. That proper planning will need to include provisioning for how this will impact businesses which are reliant on a timely schedule being followed for dispatches and deliveries and when, how, where and why some transport consignments will need to be deferred.

    You can’t simply say trucks of those GVMs and greater need to just get off the road between this and that time; it’s going to cause far too much disruption.

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