These are the 5 most affordable cars to own in South Africa

A report out in October provided South African motorists with guidance on how cheap or expensive it can be to service their vehicle.

The 2017 Kinsey Report is published by veteran motoring scribe Malcolm Kinsey and is regarded as the most comprehensive survey on everyday motoring – covering 62 vehicles in nine categories, down from 69 vehicles previously due to the omission of Citroens, Opels and Chevrolets.

The report highlighted a list of prices of 35 parts and the cost of each “parts basket” as a percentage of a car’s price.

Kinsey priced in 10 ‘level entry’ vehicles spanning cars priced from R125,000 to R188,000. The Datsun Go was again revealed as the winner in this category, and overall, after being voted best in all three sections – service, repair and crash parts.

The Polo Vivo 1.4 came in second, boasting the lowest percentage of parts cost to price of vehicle and second lowest crash parts cost. Third is the Hyundai i10, scoring well on crash parts.

The Kinsey Report also featured eight cars in a ‘Family Favourites’ category. For the third straight year this category is won by Toyota Corolla – the 1.6 Quest just pipping the 1.6 Prestige by a few thousand on the overall parts basket and also the percentage value for money. The Quest lowest parts basket cost includes the least expensive crash parts. The Corolla Prestige in second place has the 3rd least expensive service price and the 2nd best crash parts prices.

The Quest was fourth overall, while the Ford Figo was fifth.

The categories used to rate cars in their defined market segments are:

  • Category A (Service Items): covering everyday replaceable items, such as air filters, spark/glow plugs, brake pads/shoes and wiper blades.
  • Category B (Repair Parts): covering major items, such as cam belts, shock absorbers, clutch and pressure plates, flywheels, and fan belts.
  • Category C (Crash Parts): this looks at major replacement body costs, such as bonnets, grilles, doors, fenders and bumper skins, and light assemblies.

Datsun Go

  • Priced from: R126,900
  • Total parts price: R44,372
  • Parts basket as a % of selling price: 34.97%

VW Polo Vivo 1.4

  • Priced from: R173,800
  • Total parts price: R59,283
  • Parts basket as a % of selling price: 34.11%
    VW Polo Vivo

Hyundai i10

  • Priced from: R154,900
  • Total parts price: R64,317
  • Parts basket as a % of selling price: 41.52%

Toyota Corolla 1.6 Quest

  • Priced from: R208,500
  • Total parts price: R71,874
  • Parts basket as a % of selling price: 34.47%


Ford Figo 1.5 Trend Hatch

  • Priced from: R187,900
  • Total parts price: R72,695
  • Parts basket as a % of selling price: 38.69%

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These are the 5 most affordable cars to own in South Africa