5 of the most luxurious SUV’s available in South Africa

WesBank data shows that the current replacement cycle for new cars in South Africa is at 44 months as consumers look to replace their vehicles before service and warranty plans lapse.

These consumers also want new cars that bring a promise of reliability as well as fuel-efficient technologies. For these buyers, the current marketing incentives from OEMs offer excellent value at a time when they are ready to replace their cars.

Finally, many buyers are simply unable to shop in a used market where stocks are drying up, resulting in price inflation for used cars.

Evidence of the slowdown in the used market is seen in WesBank’s data. Demand for new vehicles, as measured through the volume of credit applications received, grew 3.6% in November.

Conversely, demand for used cars slowed 2.6%, year-on-year. The used-to-new ratio for November 2017 was 2.16:1 – the lowest in 2017.

“The current consumer activity in the new vehicle market is indicative of the appetite for a good deal. Consumers are willing to buy new when they can see value,” said Rudolf Mahoney, head of brand and communications at WesBank.

“However, buyers should also be responsible and plan ahead when considering a car purchase. In addition to ensuring their budgets can comfortably afford their monthly instalments for the next five to six years, they should also leave enough room to absorb rising ownership costs such as fuel, insurance and maintenance.”

Despite the clear buying demand for cheaper cars, South Africans have also shown a clear interest in newer luxury SUV’s, including the newly announced R2.7 million Lamborghini Urus, and the Porsche Cayenne Turbo SUV.

BusinessTech looks at five of the most luxurious SUV’s available in South Africa right now.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo S – R2.5 million

  • 419 kW
  • 11.5 l/100km (average)

Bentley Bentayga W12 – R4 million

  • 447 kW
  • 13.1 l/100km (average)

Mercedes-AMG G63 – R2.4 million

  • 420 kW
  • 13.8 l/100km (average)

Land Rover Range Rover L SV Autobiography Supercharged – R3.7 million

  • 405 kW
  • 13.8 l/100km (average)

Mercedes-AMG GLE63 S coupe – R2.1 million

  • 430 kW
  • 11.9 l/100km (average)

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