You can now book to renew your driver’s licence using Gauteng’s new online system

 ·30 Aug 2018

The Department of Transport and the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) launched the NaTIS Online Booking Services in Centurion on Thursday (30 August).

Developed by the RMTC, the system will allow motorists to make pre-bookings online for the renewal of their driver’s licences and learner licences.

The department said that online services will ease the application process and will promote efficient service delivery and combat corruption by minimising the manipulation of the process by unscrupulous officials.

Bookings can be done at, while a separate page also enables customers to download the required application forms.

Transport minister Blade Nzimande said he was hopeful the system would assist in shortening long queues experienced at the testing stations.

“Some people have to take a day off from work in order to come here and what is sad is that you spend an entire day to get a service that lasts 15 minutes,” he said.

“We are also hoping that this will go towards eliminating corruption. Some people ask others to queue for them and also bribes are paid from the security gate onwards. We hope that at least with online [bookings] you can be your own master and book for yourself and not have to go through someone who will ask you to pay,” he said.

Nzimande added that the system would be rolled out to the rest of the country shortly.

RTMC project manager Kevin Kara-Vala said the service made it easier for the public to obtain bookings at the centres.

Dates he said, could be secured within three days, with only the eye-test done at the centre before the actual driver tests.

“This service makes it easier for the public to not have to queue. You only come to the centre to verify your details and test your eyes as this is a legal requirement,” he said.

How it works

Gauteng motorists can apply for do their written learner’s licence test or driver’s test – or book for the renewal of a driver’s licence, or apply for a professional’s driving permit.

  • Once you’ve entered in your details and confirmed which type of identity document you will be providing, you can proceed to book a day to perform the required tasks.
  • You can then select a time to book an appointment
  • The booking availability information is updated in real-time by the DLTC. If there are no available booking slots at your selected DLTC please select a different DLTC or try again later.
  • Once a day and time is selected, the booking can then be confirmed.

For driver’s licence renewals, the site notes that driver’s need to bring an eye test report from a registered Optometrist or Ophthalmologist on the day of your booking.

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