These are the cheapest cars to service in South Africa

Veteran motoring journalist, Malcolm Kinsey, has published his parts report for 2019 – highlighting some of the cheapest and most expensive cars to service in South Africa.

The report compares 72 popular vehicles in nine different categories, in terms of the price of their parts.

This is further split according to the prices for parts needed during servicing, for repairs and as a result of crashes.

The report shows that the Nissan NP200 is the cheapest car to service of the 72 included on the list, with a total basket price of R49,823.

Below you can find the three top cars across each category, as well as how much you can expect to pay for the parts basket.

The basket includes various filters, belts, brake pads and drums, as well as various body parts.

A full copy of the Kinsey Report 2019 edition can be found here.

City and entry-level cars

  1. Datsun Go – R63,310
  2. Renault Kwid – R66,707
  3. Ford Figo – R67,805

Super mini

  1. Renault Sandero – R92,891
  2. Toyota Yaris – R100,943
  3. Ford Fiesta – R108,594

Family favourites 

  1. Toyota Corolla Quest – R65,341
  2. Toyota Corolla Prestige – R84,798
  3. Nissan Almera – R85,453

Compact crossover 

  1. Mahindra KUV – R68,638
  2. Suzuki Jimny – R86,897
  3. Toyota Rush – R97,387


  1. Toyota Fortuner – R80,171
  2. Haval H2 – R91,071
  3. Subaru Forester – R113,362

Executive crossover

  1. Alfa Stelvio – R135,029
  2. Toyota Prado – R199,428
  3. Jaguar E Pace – R212,968

Double cabs

  1. Toyota Hilux – R79,660
  2. Isuzu D.Max – R88,191
  3. GWM Steed 6 – R94,372

Single cabs

  1. Nissan NP300 – R61,334
  2. Isuzu D.Max – R65,326
  3. Toyota Hilux – R73,696

Executive saloons 

  1. Volvo S60 – R214,362
  2. Audi A4 -R227,503
  3. Lexus ES – R230,263

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These are the cheapest cars to service in South Africa