These are the second hand cars South Africans are buying right now

When compared to the new vehicle sales statistics, used car sales in South Africa for the month of October 2019 exhibit some strong parallels – but also some stark differences, says online vehicle marketplace, AutoTrader.

Whereas the Toyota Hilux was the top-selling new model (4,377 units), the top-selling used car model in the month of October was the Volkswagen Polo.

The data has been sourced from the AutoTrader’s Monthly Used Car Sales Data, which provides a definitive barometer into the buying patterns of South African motorists.

AutoTrader chief executive officer, George Mienie, noted that while there are some differences between new and used car sales statistics, there are also some parallels.

“For instance, there are a number of cars that appear in the top 10 of both the new and used list. These are the Polo, Hilux, Ford Ranger and Polo Vivo. They are clearly popular and in demand amongst both new and used car buyers.”

So, which are the stars of the used car market?

The Polo is followed by the Ford Ranger (second), Polo Vivo (third), Toyota Hilux (fourth), Mercedes-Benz C-Class (fifth), BMW 3 Series (sixth), Toyota Fortuner (seventh), Ford Fiesta (eighth), Volkswagen Golf (ninth) and Audi A3 (10th).


There are also some substantial differences in the manufacturer performance stakes. “The top two positions in both new and used go to Toyota and Volkswagen. But Toyota is first in the new car market while Volkswagen rules the roost in used,” said Mienie.

Ford clocks in third in both new and used sales. Fourth position when it comes to new goes to Nissan, with Hyundai in fifth place. “However, things are completely different in the used car market. BMW occupies fourth spot for the month of October, with Mercedes-Benz in fifth,” the chief executive said.

An analysis of AutoTrader used car sales statistics also reveals some interesting other findings.

“The most sold used car varies per province, for instance. It’s the Polo in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, the Western Cape and the Free State.  The Ford Ranger was the most sold used car in the Eastern Cape, North West, Mpumalanga and Limpopo. In the Northern Cape, the Hilux reigned supreme in October,” said Mienie.

The Fortuner was the most popular SUV in the used car market in October. The Mercedes-Benz C-Class was the most popular coupé, the Polo was the most popular hatch, the Nissan NP200 was the most popular single cab, the BMW 3 Series was the most popular sedan and the Ranger was the most popular double cab within the used market in the month of October.

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These are the second hand cars South Africans are buying right now