Schools to reopen next week – here are the rules around public and private transport

Along with the employees who also returned to work under level three lockdown, students will also need to follow strict rules when travelling to schools in order to comply with regulation and stay healthy, says managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert.

“Parents who drive their children in their own cars need to follow the rules that applied during other levels: wear face masks, sanitise the vehicle and ensure there is ventilation.

“It has not yet been clarified what rules apply to parents that will have more than three occupants in the car,” he said.

Herbert said that more clarity has been provided on public transport because of the risk it presents in spreading Covid-19.

He said that the number of passengers allowed to enter the vehicle is limited to 70% of the usual capacity:

  • A taxi normally carrying 10 passengers can only carry seven;
  • A taxi normally carrying 15 passengers may only seat 10;
  • A small bus that carries 22 passengers can now only transport 15.

Herbert said that parents should encourage their children to be aware of the regulations placed on the transport sector.

“If they notice that something is not being done, for example, sanitisation or passengers are not wearing masks, then make it clear that it is acceptable for them to not get into that public transport vehicle,” he said.

He added that face masks, load requirements and sanitisation rules apply to all modes of transport.

“If your child uses a ride-sharing service to get to school or they travel to school with friends, the same rules apply. All students are now also required to have permits confirming that they are travelling to school. This will be issued by the heads of the school.

“Stress the importance of following these regulations to protect their health and prevent an uncontrollable spread of Covid-19. Explain the importance of the rules, so that when your child decides whether or not to get into a vehicle, they make an informed and educated decision.”

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Schools to reopen next week – here are the rules around public and private transport