How much it costs to drive 100km in South Africa’s most popular cars

South African motorists are grappling with record-high petrol prices after seven months of increases in 2021. September’s increase also included a surprise slate levy which negated any possible decreases at the pumps.

Statistics South Africa’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) for July 2021 shows that fuel price has increased by 15.2% over the last year, said Mike Schüssler, consulting economist at Brenthurst Wealth.

“It is a large driver of inflation, and most has not come from the actual basic fuel or oil price, but from the increase in taxes, Road Accident Fund levies, transport costs, retail and wholesale margins.”

This has been reflected in the travel costs in South Africans who have begun to return to work after months of lockdown and working from home.

While it is impossible to accurately track exactly how much petrol you will consume due to factors such as traffic and road quality, it is possible to get a rough estimate of how exactly these petrol prices will impact your current petrol allowance based on manufacturer estimates.

Below, BusinessTech looks at how much it will now cost you to travel 100km on South Africa’s roads right now based on Naamsa’s latest list of bestselling cars data for August 2021.

Volkswagen Polo hatch 1.0TSI Trendline – R293,800

  • 5.4 litres/100km
  • R99.03/100km

Polo Vivo hatch 1.4 Trendline – R224,300

  • 5.7 litres/100km
  • R104.53/100km

Toyota Starlet 1.4 Xi – R217,500

  • 5.1 litres/100km
  • R93.53/100km

Renault Kwid 1.0 Expression – R162,900

  • 4.7 litres/100km
  • R86.19/100km

Toyota Urban Cruiser 1.5 Xi – R255,300

  • 6.2 litres/100km
  • R113.70/100km

Suzuki S-Presso 1.0 GL – R149,900

  • 4.9 litres/100km
  • R89.86/100km

Corolla Quest 1.8 Plus – R282,600

  • 7 litres/100km
  • R128.38/100km

All prices are estimates and are based on the manufacturer’s average fuel consumption per/100km.

In each case, the manufacturer’s most and least expensive double-cab model was considered. 95 octane price (R18.34) as of September 2021 was used for comparison purposes.

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How much it costs to drive 100km in South Africa’s most popular cars