The top 10 hybrids that South Africans want to get their hands on – with pricing

 ·5 Mar 2023

Interest in hybrid vehicles is at an all-time high in South Africa, says AutoTrader.

The company’s latest 2022 Hybrid Car Buyers Survey found that besides merely showing iterates online, there has been a 64% increase in legitimate enquires since 2021.

“The first hybrid launched in South Africa was the Toyota Prius back in 2005,” said George Mienie, the CEO of AutoTrader.

“That said, as an industry, we are in the process of transitioning into a market which is geared and prepared for new energy vehicles at scale. Hybrid vehicles – which, thanks to the escalating fuel price, are now more popular than ever before – offer a bridge into electric powertrain modes of transport. But there’s little research into the hybrid market available to the industry,” he added.

The survey found that despite the increasing popularity of hybrid vehicles in South Africa, the majority of consumers are unfamiliar with this market sector.

Over 60% of South African consumers have never experienced driving a hybrid car, and less than 5% have owned one, said AutoTrader.

The National Association of Automobile Manufacturers South Africa (Naamsa) reported that there had been a significant rise in total new energy vehicle sales (NEV).

Total NEVs sales between August 2021 and 2022 reported a 1011% increase. Traditional hybrids saw an 1885% increase year on year, while plug-in hybrids reported a 175% uptick, reported the association.

Hybrid vehicles use both a petrol engine and an electric motor, providing greater fuel efficiency and lower emissions than traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.

With fuel prices on the rise, hybrid vehicles can save drivers money in the long run through reduced fuel costs.

AutoTrader listed the following vehicles as the most enquired after:

BMW i8 (26.6%)

  • Price: R1,326,648
  • Average year: 2017
  • Average mileage: 27,948km

Toyota Corolla Cross (23.3%)

  • Price: R538,582
  • Average year: 2022
  • Average mileage: 8,249km

Mercedes Benz S-Class (8.4%)

  • Price: R774,517
  • Average year: 2015
  • Average mileage:

Toyota Yaris (6.8%)

  • Price: R195,704
  • Average year: 2017
  • Average mileage: 102,966km

Lexus RX (6.6%)

  • Price: R626,367
  • Average year: 2015
  • Average mileage: 115,012km

Lexus CT (5.4%)

  • Price: R183,979
  • Average year: 2012
  • Average mileage: 157,086km


Volvo XC90 (5.1%)

  • Price: R1,260,171
  • Average year: 2020
  • Average mileage: 31,772km

Ferrari SF90 (5.0%)

  • Price: R14,987,032
  • Average year: 2022
  • Average mileage: 317km

Toyota RAV4 (4.5%)

  • Price: R707,146
  • Average year: 2022
  • Average mileage: 9,218km

Toyota Prius (4.2%)

  • Price: R426,347
  • Average year: 2018
  • Average mileage: 55,857km

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