How much it costs to bullet-proof your car in South Africa in 2024

 ·24 Feb 2024

As crime rates continue to climb in South Africa, an increasing number of companies are offering bullet-resistant armour packages for everyday cars for up to approximately R1.2 million.

SVI Engineering provides an innovative configurator on its website that allows users to accurately estimate the cost of installing various grades of armour on their preferred car.

SVI provides a wide range of armoured packages suitable for various types of vehicles, including single and double-cab bakkies, medium and large SUVs, sedans, and minibuses.

Their prices range from R588,000 to just over R1.2 million, depending on the type of vehicle and the level of armour required.

If you opt for the top-of-the-line B6 armoured Lexus LX 600 VIP, then you can expect to pay as much as R4.2 million, taking into account the actual cost of the car and the level of armour.

Lexus LX 600 VIP

South Africa has seen a significant rise in hijacking incidents since before the pandemic, and the situation has only worsened over the past year.

Police Minister Bheki Cele presented the latest crime statistics on Friday, 16 February 2024, and they painted a bleak picture of safety and security in the country.

Violent crime has increased, with 84 people being murdered per day during the third quarter of 2023/24.

The country has also witnessed an increase in crime levels across the board.

During the year 2019, there were 17,777 carjackings reported in South Africa, which means around 49 vehicles were hijacked every day. However, by the end of 2022, this number had risen to 23,025 carjackings, which is a 30% increase and averages out to 63 cars stolen per day.

Unfortunately, as of December 2023, instances of carjacking have gone up by 6.5% year-on-year, indicating a lack of action against this crime.

It’s becoming increasingly common for factories to offer armouring packages for sale each year due to the high demand for safety-focused products from local customers.

This comes as no surprise when you consider South Africa’s crime statistics – especially car-focused crimes like hijackings.

Types of armour 

According to SVI’s pricing configurator, two types of armour are available to the everyday motorist – B4 and B6 armour.

These options come in both discreet and non-discreet styles, with the latter being cheaper as it does not try to hide the armour.

B4 offers protection against handguns up to and including the .44 Magnum, made possible through lightweight kevlar sheets that are cut and bonded to the sheet metal areas, multi-layer armoured glass, and targeted protection for parts such as the engine vitals and firewall, said SVI.

In contrast, B6 brings resistance against full-metal-jacket with lead core rounds from assault rifles such as the AK47, R5, and R1.

This installation comprises even thicker glass panes, steel plates in the body panels, and suspension upgrades to accommodate the additional mass.


The tables below show the prices for SVI’s armouring solutions for its various car segments, according to their configurator.

The prices are for B4 and B6 discreet armouring packages, as non-discreet options are customarily only taken for security and commercial uses.

The prices listed below exclude the cost of the vehicle itself.


Type of armourPrice
360-degree cabin armourFrom R690,000
Roof armourFrom R31,000
Floor armourFrom R40,000
PA systemFrom R17,000
Total From R778,000

Single-Cab bakkie

Type of armourPrice
360-degree cabin armourFrom R370,000 – R580,000
Roof armourFrom R24,000 – R40,000
Floor armourFrom R30,000 – R32,000
Run-flat tyresFrom R37,000
Bullbar and grilleFrom R33,000
Steel canopyFrom R75,000
PA systemFrom R17,000
Total From R588,000 – R812,000


Type of armourPrice
360-degree cabin armourFrom R860,000
Roof armourFrom R50,000
Run-flat tyresFrom R37,000
PA systemFrom R17,000
Total From R964,000

Double-Cab bakkie

Type of armourPrice
360-degree cabin armourFrom R500,000 – R760,000
Roof armourFrom R31,000 – R60,000
Floor armourFrom R40,000 – R50,000
Run-flat tyresFrom R37,000
Bullbar and grilleFrom R33,000
PA systemFrom R17,000
Total From R658,000 – R957,000

Medium SUV

Type of armourPrice
360-degree cabin armourFrom R630,000 – R810,000
Roof armourFrom R37,000 – R60,000
Floor armourFrom R44,000 – R70,000
Run-flat tyresFrom R37,000
Bullbar and grilleFrom R33,000
PA systemFrom R17,000
Total From R798,000 – R1,027,000

Large SUV

Type of armourPrice
360-degree cabin armourFrom R670,000 – R940,000
Roof armourFrom R44,000 – R85,000
Floor armourFrom R50,000 – R95,000
Run-flat tyresFrom R37,000
Bullbar and grilleFrom R33,000
PA systemFrom R17,000
Total From R851,000 – R1,207,000

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