Scammers have a new target in South Africa

 ·4 Jun 2024

Insurance companies are being directly contacted by scammers via their call centres.

According to the Insurance Crime Bureau (ICB), fraudsters are impersonating policy holders and requesting copies of their policy schedules and claims history.

This activity is not unusual, especially when consumers are looking around for better premiums.

This personal information in the wrong hands could help fraudsters with several other criminal acts, such as identity theft, fraudulent insurance claims, and financial scams.

Policy schedules contain personal information, such as the name of the insured, their ID, residential address, policy details, and other confidential data.

Charisse Ras, Santam’s Group Chief Risk Officer, added that members of the public need to be extremely cautious when dealing with persons claiming to be representatives of insurance companies.

She said that the public can use the following tips to protect themselves against this type of fraud:

  • Stay vigilant: Be cautious when receiving requests for personal information, and always perform the necessary security checks to confirm you are actually speaking to a representative of an insurance company.

  • Verify authenticity: Before sharing any personal information, verify the identity of the requester.

  • Report suspicious activity: If you suspect that you have been targeted by fraudsters or have inadvertently shared personal information with them, report the incident to your insurer and the appropriate authorities immediately.

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