Good news for Cape Town property owners

 ·6 Feb 2023

The City of Cape Town is launching a new online portal that will make it easier for the public and professionals to conduct development-related business with the City’s Development Management Department.

The new portal, characterised as a one-stop-shop for development processes in the city, will launch on 27 February, offering increased services to residents and professionals who have already registered for the e-service.

The city said that the current portal only offers a limited number of services, and it needed to invest in a new portal that takes advantage of new technology and will expand the offerings available to clients.

“This will be the one-stop-shop for all development-related queries and requests to the city and one of the biggest advancements in this field by any municipality in South Africa,” it said.

The new upgraded Development Application Management portal will offer the following expanded services:

    • Submit building plan applications
    • Submit development/land use applications
    • My application’ app to check and view all building plan applications on profile (new)
    • My application’ app to check and view all land use/development applications on profile (new)
    • Submit requests for zoning extracts (new)
    • Download application feasibility information (new)
    • Search for application data (new)
    • Book pre-consultation meetings (new)
    • Submit a sketch plan (new)
    • Submit bulk applications (new)
    • Request a building inspection (new)
    • Request permission to use (new)
    • Request an occupancy certificate (new)
    • Request building plan copies (new)
    • Resubmit an application after a refusal (new)
    • Request to extend the approval period of an application (new)

The city noted that due to the migration process of moving to the new portal, it will not be able to receive any development land use or building plans between 20 February to 26 February.

The public will be unable to submit any land use and building plan applications over this period; however, residents will still be allowed to submit land use or building (enforcement) complaints.

According to the city, the new portal will directly benefit property owners.

With the current system, only professionals can track land use and building applications for their clients. The new update will allow property owners to keep up to date on the process and timeline of their applications without the need to contact their professionals.

“Professionals in the development industry will also benefit as they will be able to submit a direct service request for inspections, consultations, the feasibility of proposals, and tracking of all applications – all on one page,” it said.

The city said that it will teach the public how to use the new portal once it is in place.

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