The types of jobs that will be most impacted by new tech

A new report by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) shows that more than half of South African (54%) believe that they will be impacted by technology changes in the near future.

According to South African respondents’ perceptions, the top three job roles that will be impacted by technology changes are:

  • Digitalisation;
  • Analytics and Automation;
  • Social Care, Management and Legal.

“South Africa has a largely youthful population, constituting about one third of the country’s people, and these youth are well aware of the need to upskill and reskill themselves to remain relevant in an ever-changing workplace characterized by rapid technological advancements and anytime, anywhere, any device connectivity,” said Jan Gildemeister, managing director at BCG.

Perhaps this is why South Africans (69%) spend more time on learning than the world average (65%) and are significantly more willing to reskill (77%) versus global average of (67%).

The three preferred learning resources according to respondents are on-the-job training (76%), self-study (59%) and traditional educational institutions (45%).

These scores reflect both the need for best-use of productivity hours, and for easily accessible learning platforms that allow people to study freely, at times that suit their lifestyles.

Interestingly, the top three competencies perceived by South Africans as important in the future are communication, leadership and analytical skills.

“To excel in the future, people place the greatest importance on having solid communication and analytical skills, followed by leadership and complex problem-solving skills.

“The flipside of this emergence of new skills and roles is the declining value of traditional skills, indicating the need for businesses and workers alike to adapt to remain relevant in an age of digital disruption,” said Bradley Taylor, managing director of CareerJunction.

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The types of jobs that will be most impacted by new tech