Online FinTech Conference 2022 – Future Forex CEO Harry Scherzer discusses cryptocurrency arbitrage

 ·26 Jul 2022

Harry Scherzer is the CEO of Future Forex, a position he has held since June 2020.

Scherzer previously worked as an actuarial analyst at Alexander Forbes and then as a senior actuarial associate at EY for over two years.

He then joined turnkey import compliance specialists TecEx as the director of business development, before moving to Future Forex.

In this conference session, Scherzer meets with Michael Avery to discuss cryptocurrency arbitrage.

He begins by explaining what cryptocurrency arbitrage is and how the process works.

Scherzer then talks about the risks involved in cryptocurrency arbitrage and explains how Future Forex’s fully hedged investment solution mitigates these risks for its customers.

He highlights the recent chaos in the cryptocurrency market and explains how the arbitrage gap remains unaffected by it.

Scherzer then talks about the regulatory environment in South Africa surrounding cryptocurrency arbitrage and explains that Future Forex takes care of the SARS investment paperwork for its clients.

Finally, Scherzer explains how you can get your cryptocurrency arbitrage journey started with Future Forex.

The full conference session with Future Forex CEO Harry Scherzer and Michael Avery is embedded below.

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