8ta free LTE trial announced

8ta has extended an invitation to qualifying customers to partake in a free Long Term Evolution (LTE) trial.

8ta’s projected live trial joins Vodacom and MTN, which have both announced that they will be launching LTE before the end of 2012.

Customers within 8ta’s LTE coverage areas across the Gauteng region will be able to apply to participate in the trial from 1 November 2012 until 31 March 2013.

The LTE service offered for the trial will be a 50GB data bundle including an LTE enabled device which includes routers and mobile data modems and SIM card.

The LTE enabled router is enabled to serve up to 32 Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously and covers up to 15 metres indoors.

The mobile data modem is meant for individual users via USB interface on laptops and desktop computers. The 50GB data bundle will be offered as a free service.

Senior Managing Executive for Telkom Mobile, Amith Maharaj encouraged customers to visit the 8ta website to confirm if there is LTE coverage in their area via the online coverage map and thereafter to request to participate in the trial. The site will go live on Wednesday, 10 October around midday – www.8ta.com/lte

Amith Maharaj

“We are excited about this milestone reached and we believe that this trial is a critical step in taking a new technology like this to market,” said Maharaj.

“The demand for faster, superior mobile data services is mounting and subscribers will have the opportunity to test the fastest data speeds ever experienced in South Africa. Our engineers have been testing the technology and have achieved peak speeds of up to 90Mbps for downloads and up to 25Mbps for uploads using the appropriate end user device,” he said.

Maharaj also pointed to the benefits of lower latency offered on the LTE platform which will enhance the experience for real time gaming and video streaming.
Amith Maharaj

“This trial will help us better understand the requirements of our customers and the feedback from the participants regarding performance and the overall experience will inform the refining of our commercial offerings to better align with customer’s needs,” he added.

“Telkom has been testing the LTE service internally for approximately a year already so we have all the building blocks in place to deliver this technology. However the feedback from this trial is crucial to closing the gap on our development of the best LTE offerings that we can offer our customers,” said Maharaj.

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8ta free LTE trial announced