Telkom to see massive strategy shift

We will see a massive turn-around in Telkom’s strategy and roll-out plans in the next few months, according to Roy Kruger, the technical advisor to minister of communications, Dina Pule.

Speaking at a Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) press briefing in Midrand, Kruger said that the ministry has some options for Telkom and one recommendation – but he couldn’t elaborate on what these were because Cabinet needs to make a decision on the parastatal’s future.

“This will happen in the next month or two,” Kruger said.

He said further that a radical change in strategy is needed because the problem, right now, is that private companies are looking for profitable areas, while government has an obligation to the rural areas.

“Telkom has to be the foundation for this roll-out,” Kruger said.

Roy Kruger
Roy Kruger

However, president of the FTTH Council Africa, Richard Came, disagreed with with Kruger.

Came said that MEF standards, in combination with the private sector and a competitive environment, would drive roll-outs to rural South Africa.

He went on to admit that, given the history, he doesn’t have faith in government institutions such as Sentech and Broadband Infraco to roll out broadband services.

“It’s going to be the private sector that can do it most cost-effectively and efficiently,” Came said.

Richard Came
Richard Came

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Telkom to see massive strategy shift