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Cell C appoints Alan Knott-Craig as CEO

Cell C appoints Alan Knott-Craig as CEO

The Board of Cell C announced today (19 January 2012) that it has decided to appoint Alan Knott-Craig as the new Chief Executive Officer of Cell C.

Knott Craig will join the company and the Cell C Board of Directors on 1 April 2012.

His appointment follows a comprehensive search both domestically and internationally.

Simon Duffy, the non-executive Chairman who has been interim CEO for the past 6 months, said, “Alan is one of the most capable and experienced leaders in the industry and I am confident that his appointment will significantly enhance Cell C’s ability to provide an excellent service to its customers and to compete even more effectively for their business.

“Cell C has carved out a strong position as an innovative alternative in the industry and, having made considerable progress over the past few years, is strategically well-positioned for growth. ”

Duffy added, “The directors and I are delighted that Alan has accepted our offer and we look forward to supporting him as he brings his considerable knowledge and expertise, as well as his experience as a manager and a leader, to Cell C.  We are looking to him to drive and implement the company’s strategy in the next phase of its development. ”

Alan Knott Craig said, “After a break from the telecommunications industry, I am looking forward to being at the helm of Cell C. The mobile telecommunications sector is a highly innovative and disruptive industry, and I am excited about the challenge of making Cell C a more effective competitor to the dominant players.

“The company has benefited from considerable investment in the past few years, particularly in its network but also in many other areas of the business, and I am confident that I will be able to build on that investment to accelerate the company’s growth.”

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  • mercurial

    Haha. After all the drama, speculation and denial, he actually does become the Cell C CEO. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Let’s hope he can bring about some good needed change within Cell C.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. Plenty of smoke and mirrors in this one. Great appointment, me thinks.

  • Foo

    so i take it that Trevor Noah is no longer the CellC CEO?

  • Wake up! As soon as Data Base Iternational is launched that will be the end of Cell C and others. Visit for a little more information. I wish Alan all the luck in the world as he is going to need it. We are living in a changing world and DBI is at the forefront of this transformation.

  • haha

    Who the hell is DBI? Willie you are smoking your own weed man… must some some really good stuff

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