Icasa publishes mobile broadband ‘roadmap’

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) announced that a Final International Mobile Telephony (IMT) Roadmap has been issued.

The IMT Roadmap for broadband seeks to “ensure universal availability of broadband services, as well as a vibrant and competitive telecommunications industry and promote investments”.

The IMT Roadmap follows public consultations with relevant stakeholders in recent weeks.

“It is our view that the growing demand for mobile broadband in South Africa indicates a need for more mobile broadband bandwidth capacity in general,” Icasa said.

“It is generally known that many rural areas do not have access to mobile bandwidth indicating a need for a more universal mobile broadband coverage, a need best served by deploying lower frequencies that propagate a wider market.”

The regulator added that the roadmap also involves the migration of a number of current licensees out of (or within) bands identified for IMT services.

“For bands where costs and benefits of the migration were not straightforward the Authority conducted further feasibility studies to determine the appropriateness of the migration,” the regulator said.

Icasa also published the Draft Radio Frequency Spectrum Assignment Plan (RFSAP) for IMT.

The Draft RFSAP seeks to specify the technical conditions of the use of the frequency bands and is aimed at soliciting views from stakeholders on the “Rules for Services” operating in each frequency band.

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Icasa publishes mobile broadband ‘roadmap’