The average monthly salary for the most in-demand jobs in South Africa right now

Young, educated South Africans are looking to jobs in the IT market, as the sector remains the number one most sought-after field in the latest Careers24 job market statistics released this week.

This is followed by high demand in the engineering field, the group said, adding that young, educated individuals are doing increasingly more research into the companies they would most like to work for.

IT also remains the highest payer among the most in-demand fields, with an average monthly salary offered exceeding R61,000. Engineering jobs offer an average of R49,800, trumped only by the finance sector, which offers an average of R50,600, according to Career24.

Career24’s stats are based on the number of jobs listed, as well as the number of job seekers surveyed.

The stats show that, among the users measured, the gender split among job seekers is pretty even, though the average user is most likely to be a black South African (65%), living in Gauteng (45%), with a tertiary qualification (59%), between the age of 21 – 30 (60%).

Jobs were viewed a total of 8.2 million times on Careers24 within the quarter and the site signed up more than 100,000 new job seekers.

However, only slightly more than 70,000 new jobs were listed during the same period, showing that the demand for jobs still outnumbers the available jobs.

This decline is in-line with Statistics South Africa’s findings in their Q2 Quarterly Employment Survey.

The survey results show a decline of 34,000 jobs (or -0.4%) to 9,617,000 for the second quarter of 2017, specifically in the formal non-agricultural sector.

On the recruitment side, when comparing 2016 and 2017’s most in-demand sectors (those with more than 1000 jobs posted on a monthly basis), a few trends were noteworthy.

IT remained the number one field in terms of available jobs, while engineers continue to be in high-demand. Sales and Finance jobs ranked second and third, respectively, reflecting similar demand patters from 2016.

Most in-demand sectors in 2017

2017 Average monthly salary
 IT R61 173
Sales R22 609
Finance R50 640
Engineering R49 837
Medical R34 916
Accounting R39 434
Marketing R26 008
Admin R27 398
Management R43 018
Retail R20 553

Certain sectors showed promising growth in terms of job posts with finance and academics showing a 57% and 54% growth respectively.

Below are the ten sectors that showed the most growth compared to the same time last year.

Sectors Growth
 Finance  57%
 Academic  54%
 Call Centre  41%
 Management  41%
 Health, Fitness and Beauty  37%
 Sales  34%
 Marketing  32%
 Procurement  30%
 Graduate  28%
 Media  27%

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The average monthly salary for the most in-demand jobs in South Africa right now