SA second most innovative country in Africa

Bloomberg has published a list of the 50 most innovative countries in the world with South Africa edging its way on, in last place, behind Tunisia in Africa.

To compile the list, Bloomberg Rankings examined more than 200 countries and sovereign regions, ranking the countries on a scale of 0 to 100% on seven factors, all accounting for a specific percentage of the final score.

These factors included research and development intensity (20%); productivity (20%); high-tech density (20%); researcher concentration (20%); manufacturing capability (10%); tertiary education levels (5%); and patent activity (5%).

The United states took the top spot, ranking first for its number of publicly-listed high tech companies (in such fields as aerospace and defense, biotechnology, hardware, software, semiconductors, Internet software & services and renewable energy).

South Korea (ranked 2nd) had top position in terms of patent activity (patent filings per million population and per $1 million R&D spent), while Finland (4th) took top spot for having the most R&D researchers per one million people.

Luxembourg (16th) was the most productive country listed, measured as GDP per employed person, per hour worked.

Canada (17th) had the highest tertiary efficiency out of all countries researched. This factor looks at the enrollment and graduation figures of tertiary institutions – as well as the ratios that go into the labour force.

Israel (32nd) ranked top in R&D intensity, measured as investment in R&D as a percentage of the total GDP.

South Africa (50th) and Tunisia (40th) were the only African countries ranked on the list.

South Africa’s highest-ranked factors were in research and development intensity and high-tech density (35th overall), but put up a poor showing in tertiary efficiency (95th).

The 50 most innovative countries in the world

Rank Country Top Factor
1 United States High-tech density 1
2 South Korea Patent activity 1
3 Germany High-tech density 4
4 Finland Researcher concentration 1
5 Sweden R&D intensity 3
6 Japan Patent activity 2
7 Singapore Researcher concentration 4
8 Austria Productivity 9
9 Denmark Researcher concentration 3
10 France Productivity 6
11 Netherlands Productivity 4
12 Ireland Manufacturing capability 7
13 Norway Productivity 2
14 Russia Tertiary efficiency, High-tech density 2
15 Belgium Productivity 5
16 Luxembourg Productivity 1
17 Canada Tertiary efficiency 1
18 United Kingdom Patent activity 11
19 Slovenia Patent activity 12
20 Iceland Researcher concentration 2
21 Switzerland R&D intensity 7
22 Australia Productivity 10
23 Czech Republic Manufacturing capability 11
24 Italy Productivity 19
25 Portugal Researcher concentration 13
26 Hungary Manufacturing capability 16
27 Spain Tertiary efficiency 13
28 New Zealand Tertiary efficiency 11
29 China Patent activity 4
30 Poland Patent activity 13
31 Estonia Researcher concentration 23
32 Israel R&D intensity 1
33 Lithuania Tertiary efficiency 10
34 Slovakia Manufacturing capability 20
35 Croatia Patent activity 31
36 Hong Kong Productivity 22
37 Turkey R&D intensity, Productivity 38
38 Malaysia Manufacturing capability 4
39 Malta Productivity 26
40 Tunisia Manufacturing capability 24
41 Greece Tertiary efficiency 15
42 Ukraine Tertiary efficiency 6
43 Bulgaria Manufacturing capability 33
44 Latvia Patent activity 9
45 Argentina Manufacturing capability 13
46 Romania Manufacturing capability 9
47 Iran Tertiary efficiency 18
48 Macedonia High-tech density, Manufacturing capability 28
49 Belarus Manufacturing capability 2
50 South Africa R&D intensity, High-tech density 35

You can see the full list on Bloomberg

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SA second most innovative country in Africa