The world’s most reputable tech companies

 ·12 Apr 2013
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The Reputation Institute has listed the world’s most reputable brands according to consumers in a new report, which places Google, Sony and Microsoft as the top 3 most reputable tech brands.

The Global RepTrak 100 study measures the reputation of the 100 most highly regarded companies across 15 countries including: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, South Korea, Spain, UK and US.

The data was collected in February and March 2013, from 55,000 general public consumers as well as 313 business leaders from all over the world.

Each company was given a reputation score out of 100, based on four indicators: trust, esteem, admiration and good feeling.

Topping the overall list was BMW, which achieved a reputational score of 78.39. The second most reputable company overall was the Walt Disney Company with a score of 77.76 – while third place belonged to luxury watch maker, Rolex (77.23).

In terms of technology, almost all prominent global tech brands were featured in the top 100 – but only four made it into the top 10, overall.

Apple dropped out of top 10 for 2013, falling from 5th place to 12th.

The most reputable tech company, according to the study, is Internet giant, Google, with a reputation score of 77.15.

Electronics giant, Sony is the next big tech company on the list, followed by Microsoft and Canon.

Other tech companies which made it into the top 10 tech companies are Intel, Samsung, Amazon and IBM.

Top 10

# Company Score
1 BMW 78.39
2 Walt Disney 77.76
3 Rolex 77.23
4 Google 77.15
5 Daimler (Mecedes-Benz) 76.58
6 Sony 76.30
7 Microsoft 76.23
8 Canon 76.02
9 Nestle 75.21
10 LEGO 75.02

Tech top 10

# Company Score
4 Google 77.15
6 Sony 76.30
7 Microsoft 76.23
8 Canon 76.02
11 Intel 74.98
12 Apple 74.65
16 Samsung 73.39
22 72.32
24 IBM 72.12
30 Nokia 71.57

The full top 100 list can be found on Forbes.

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