World’s richest get even richer

According to Bloomberg’s billionaires list (as of 4 November 2013), the world’s wealthiest people spent the past year making even more money – though not all were as fortunate.

The world’s top 100 richest people have added a collective US$200 billion to their net wealth over the past year – bringing their collective total to US$2.1 trillion.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg – the youngest billionaire on the list – managed to double his wealth in 2013, adding US$11.3 billion to his net worth, totalling US$23.6 billion.

However, tech industry icon, Bill Gates, who took the spot as the world’s richest man earlier in the year, retained his top position, adding US$13.5 billion to his already immense wealth, taking him to US$76.2 billion.

The year was less kind to the world’s second richest man – Mexican telecoms mogul Carlos Slim Helu – who saw his fortunes shrink by US$5.6 billion over the course of 2013. But don’t feel too sorry for him, because he remains the world’s second richest man, with a total net worth of US$69.6 billion, according to Bloomberg.

Other big gainers on Bloomberg’s list include Hong Kong’s Galaxy Entertainment Group founder Lui Che Woo, who added US$10.1 billion to total US$22.1 billion in total wealth, and famous investor, Warren Buffet, who saw his US$58.8 billion fortune padded with a US$11.3 billion gain in the year.

Top 10 gainers in the world

# Name Net Worth (US$bn)
Gain (US$bn)
1 Bill Gates 76.2 13.5
2 Ingvar Kamprad 51.6 12.0
3 Mark Zuckerberg 23.6 11.3
4 Warren Buffett 58.8 10.9
5 Sheldon Adelson 33.2 10.5
6 Lui Che Woo 22.1 10.1
7 Jeff Bezos 33.0 9.4
8 Larry Page 29.2 7.8
9 Sergey Brin 28.7 7.5
10 Amancio Ortega 64.5 7.0

Top 10 richest in the world

# Name Gain/Loss (US$bn)
Net Worth (US$bn)
1 Bill Gates 13.5 76.2
2 Carlons Slim Helu -5.6 69.6
3 Amancio Ortega 7.0 64.5
4 Warren Buffett 10.9 58.8
5 Ingvar Kamprad 12.0 51.6
6 Charles Koch 6.5 47.4
7 David Koch 6.5 47.4
8 Larry Ellison -0.4 38.9
9 Christy Walton 5.5 38.4
10 Jim Walton 5.1 36.6

Bloomberg’s billionaire’s list can be found here.

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World’s richest get even richer