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 ·19 Feb 2014
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Financial services company Deloitte has compiled a list of the top 50 global e-retailers indicating an average growth of 29% in 2012.

The Deloitte 2014 Global Powers of Retailing report ranks retailers, both brick and mortar and online, by tracking fiscal years from 2012 through June 2013.

Looking specifically at e-retailers, Deloitte noted that 42 of the top performing e-50 companies are multi-channel retailers, with only 8 being non-store or web-only.

Deloitte pointed out that e-commerce accounted for a significant share of total retail revenue – nearly a third of company sales, on average.

However, e-commerce was typically a small slice of the big mass merchants and food retailers’ revenue, often at just 1-2%.

It accounted for 5-15% of sales for some of the big department store and specialty apparel retailers, and reached as high as 20% for consumer electronic retailers.

Most are based in the US (28), followed by Europe (17), with only five in emerging markets (3 in China, 2 in Brazil).

Top 10 global e-retailers

Rank Name FY 2012 sales Country B2C e-commerce % of revenue
1 Amazon $51.7B USA 100%
2 Apple $8.6B USA 31.4%
3 Wal-Mart $7.5B USA 1.6%
4 Otto $7.4B Germany 57.1%
5 Beijing Jindong $6.6B China 100%
6 Tesco $4.76B UK 4.7%
7 Liberty Interactive $4.4B USA 43.9%
8 Dell $4.37B USA 100%
9 Casino Guichard-Perrachon $3.4B France 6.4%
10 $3.2B China 100%

The e-retail list is part of a wider Top 250 list compiled by Deloitte, noting the top retail chains around the world.

Top 10 global retailers 2012

# Name Country
2012 retail revenue
1 Wal-Mart Stores US $469 billion
2 Tesco UK $103 billion
3 Costco US $99 billion
4 Carrefour France $98.7 billion
5 The Kroger US $96.7 billion
6 Schwarz Germany $87.2 billion
7 Metro Germany $85.8 billion
8 The Home Depot US $75 billion
9 Aldi Einkauf Germany $73 billion
10 Target Corp US $72 billion

South African retailers

South Africa featured five retailers in the top 250, but none on the e-retailer list.

Shoprite Holdings slipped back one position from the 2013 edition, ranking 94th, with revenue of $10.5 billion.

Steinhoff International Holdings (Hi-Fi Corporation and Incredible Connection etc.) advanced to 125th, from 133rd in 2013, with retail revenue at $$8 billion.

Pick ‘n Pay claimed 137th position on the 2014 list, from 135th before, with revenue of $7.1 billion, while the Spar Group was ranked 172nd (2013: 165th), with $5.4 billion.

Woolworths made its debut entry at 234th, with revenues exceeding $4 billion.

Woolworths onlineDeloitte pointed out that e-commerce retail sales figures were available for 196 companies.

However, out of these, more than a quarter (53), did not have a transactional e-commerce website in 2012.

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