South Africa’s unfriendliest city

 ·8 Aug 2014
Johannesburg at Sunset

While Cape Town has been voted South Africa’s friendliest city, according to a new survey, Johannesburg has come out as not only the unfriendliest city in the country, but the entire world.

This is according to travel magazine Condé Nast’s annual rankings of the world’s friendliest and unfriendliest cities.

The rankings are based on the magazine’s annual Readers’ Choice Survey, which had over 80,000 respondents casting 1.3 million votes.

The survey asked readers to rank cities on Arts and Culture, Friendliness, Scenery, Restaurants, Accommodation, Shopping and Value, on a 5-point scale from “poor” to “excellent”.

# City Score
1 Auckland, New Zealand 86.0
1 Melbourne, Australia 86.0
3 Victoria, Canada 85.7
4 Charleston, USA 84.3
5 Dublin, Ireland 83.8
5 Sydney, Australia 83.8
7 Siem Reap, Cambodia 83.6
8 Cape Town, South Africa 82.9
9 Savannah, USA 82.8
9 Seville, Spain 82.8
11 Budapest, Hungary 82.5
11 Salzburg, Austria 82.5

Condé Nast readers praised Cape Town, which ranked 8th overall, for its nature, coastline, mountains and beaches, and said it was safe for walking around alone – “even as a single woman”.

On the flip side, the magazine also listed the world’s most unfriendliest cities, with Johannesburg taking the top (dis)honour on a global scale.

“Unfriendly is a tough word to define—and as you might guess, a very subjective one,” the magazine said.

It noted that everything from location and political perception to size and basic language barriers can make a destination unattractive to tourists and be a factor in their evaluation of a place’s friendliness.

For Joburg, safety and security was cited by Condé Nast readers as the top gripe against the city, with many echoing the sentiment that it is simply not safe to travel alone.

# City Score
1 Johannesburg, South Africa 56.1
2 Cannes, France 58.5
3 Moscow, Russia 59.6
4 Paris, France 60.8
5 Marseille, France 60.9
6 Beijing, China 61.4
7 Frankfurt, Germany 61.7
8 Milan, Italy 62.9
9 Monte Carlo, Monaco 63.0
10 Nassau, Bahamas 63.6

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