Cars with the most and least expensive parts in SA

The 25th Kinsey Report has revealed which cars in South Africa pack the heaviest and lightest punches when it comes to servicing their parts.

The report, compiled by car part expert Malcolm Kinsey, looks at the highest volume sellers as elected by vehicle manufacturers and sellers, split across 8 categories:

  • City and Entry Level
  • Superminis
  • Family favourites
  • Compact crossovers
  • Crossovers
  • Single-cabs
  • Double-cabs
  • Auto executives

The prices of the various car parts are sourced straight from the dealerships, split into three service levels (service, repair, and crash), and then compared as a percentage of the total retail price of the vehicle.

Service prices cover basic service items such as air and oil filters, spark plugs, wiper blades, and brake pads.

Repair prices include more expensive parts that don’t need to be replaced much or as often, such as shocks, brake disks and drums, clutch plates, and cam belts.

The crash parts prices cover essentially everything else (which would need to be replaced in an accident), such as fenders, windscreens, wheel rims, bonnets, and doors.

For a full break down of the prices – which includes the detailed prices of each component – check out the 25th Kinsey Report online.

The winners and losers

The tables below summarise the category winners and losers (the lowest and highest in each category), with a breakdown of each service level’s sub-totals.

City and entry level

Ford Figo
Ford Figo
Cars Ford Figo 1.4
Chevrolet Spark 1.2
Retail price R135,900.00 R125,000.00
Service costs R2,198.44 R2,577.30
Repair costs R7,724.97 R9,348.47
Crash costs R33,276.38 R61,160.64
Total R43,199.80 R73,086.40
% of RP 31.79% 58.47%


Citroen DS3
Citroen DS3
Cars Citroen DS3 Vti
Ford Fiesta 1.4
Retail price R219,900.00 R204,500.00
Service costs R3,632.64 R4,273.86
Repair costs R12,101.39 R12,343.32
Crash costs R42,466.47 R69,249.99
Total R58,201.50 R85,867.17
% of RP 26.47% 41.99%

Family favourites

Toyota Corolla
Toyota Corolla
Cars Toyota Corolla 1.6
Mercedes A200
Retail price R174,900.00 R356,542.00
Service costs R5,261.27 R4,069.13
Repair costs R15,460.67 R24,269.28
Crash costs R45,157.40 R117,550.37
Total R65,879.34 R145,888.78
% of RP 37.67% 40.92%

Compact crossovers

Ford EcoSport
Ford EcoSport
Cars Ford Eco Sport 1.0T Suzuki SX4 1.6
Retail price R229,900.00 R265,900.00
Service costs R4,468.80 R6,053.21
Repair costs R12,439.58 R22,262.98
Crash costs R41,505.64 R105,030.79
Total R58,414.02 R133,346.97
% of RP 25.41% 50.15%


Toyota Fortuner
Toyota Fortuner
Cars Toyota Fortuner 3.0 D4D Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.6LTD
Retail price R460,600.00 R670,990.00
Service costs R4,880.89 R4,519.32
Repair costs R6,120.63 R25,964.22
Crash costs R62,279.71 R148,111.11
Total R73,281.23 R178,594.65
% of RP 15.91% 26.62%


Tata Xenon
Tata Xenon
Cars Tata Xenon XT 2.2 Mazda BT 50 2.2
Retail price R246,995.00 R359,900.00
Service costs R3,298.70 R5,122.78
Repair costs R13,365.65 R19,162.51
Crash costs R36,499.70 R91,320.60
Total R53,164.05 R115,605.90
% of RP 21.52% 32.12%


Nissan NP 200
Nissan NP 200
Cars Nissan NP 200 1.6 Mitsubishi Triton 2.4 GL
Retail price R149,250.00 R179,900.00
Service costs R2,016.84 R3,073.42
Repair costs R13,252.19 R14,263.14
Crash costs R32,201.90 R71,038.85
Total R47,470.93 R88,375.41
% of RP 31.81% 49.12%

Auto executives

Audi A4
Audi A4
Cars Audi A4 1.8T SE Jaguar XF 2.0i
Retail price R412,500.00 R577,326.00
Service costs R4,264.74 R5,043.60
Repair costs R8,610.42 R16,094.03
Crash costs R107,011.80 R148,495.03
Total R119,886.96 R169,632.66
% of RP 29.06% 29.38%

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Cars with the most and least expensive parts in SA