“White people are disgusting”

 ·12 May 2015

The University of Johannesburg (UJ) has suspended one of its lecturers who allegedly made racist comments on her Twitter profile, pending a disciplinary hearing.

This is according to the trade union Solidarity who initially called for disciplinary action in a letter to the university.

Solidarity industry head of the professional industry, Johan Botha, said that the lecturer, for a considerable period of time, made ‘snide’ and ‘destructive comments’, especially towards white people, using her personal Twitter profile.

UJ Tweet

UJ Tweet

“The lecturer’s entries demonstrated a marked attack on white people. We believe that her actions are contrary to the virtuous culture and principles upheld by the university and that her actions stir up unnecessary racial tensions. Such actions should be nipped in the bud,” Botha said.

UJ Tweet

UJ Tweet

Solidarity said it will consider taking further steps against the lecturer and the university, depending on the disciplinary investigation.

“UJ, however, maintains a strict policy against racist behaviour amongst its staff. We believe the lecturer’s remarks justify an urgent and severe response from the university,” Botha said.

He added that section 60 of the Employment Equity Act provides for action against an employer not taking the necessary disciplinary steps against an employee manifesting racist behaviour.

“This is just one of the possibilities that we would consider if appropriate action is not taken against the lecturer,” Botha said.

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