Watch: Cheeky JMPD officer gets sassy with mouthy driver

A video has emerged showing a cheeky to-and-fro between a JMPD officer and a driver pulled over for allegedly shooting a red light.

On Friday, 28 August, Clive Naidoo was pulled over at the intersection of Bram Fischer Drive and Jan Smuts Avenue.

According to Naidoo, the stop started out cordially enough, before an “abrupt and arrogant female JMPD officer” barged onto the scene.

Sensing that things were not going to go his way, he recorded the following conversation.

On Friday 28 August 2015 approximately 08h45 at the intersection Bram Fischer Drive and Jan Smuts Ave, I was pulled over by a polite female JMPD officer who went and checked my licence disk then came to my window and greeted and I gave her my drivers licence.

At that stage another very abrupt and arrogant female JMPD officer barged in saying “you got four eyes can’t you see you shot the robot”.

I replied “sorry, I got two eyes and a pair of glasses and might be you got four eyes”. At that stage she grabbed my drivers licence from the other officer and went to get a fine book.

I realised that this was not going to look good so at that stage I started recording the conversation; watch what transpired.

In the video, the officer, who knows she’s being recorded, sarcastically quips that she wants a salary increase, after Naidoo asserted that his taxes pay her salary.

“I pay tax,” the officer quipped back. “Then my tax pays who? Your maid? Don’t do that. I also pay tax.”

The officer walks with a spring in her step and she gleefully states that she “loves her job” while writing out the ticket.

The officer is also mindful of the recording, expressing that she will keep the conversation in English, and will make sure the driver has enough content to show everyone.

Social media comments under the video express disgust at the officer’s “arrogant attitude”, but other views sided with the officer, saying that Naidoo was being rude and got what he deserved.

Watch the video below:

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Watch: Cheeky JMPD officer gets sassy with mouthy driver