South Africa’s best universities for business and finance degrees

A new report highlights the rise in recognition of private institutions for higher learning in South Africa.

2015 marked a critical year for tertiary institutions in South Africa, following the #FeesMustFall movement. And that student activism has not abated in 2016, leading to violence, and damage of university property to the value of hundreds of millions of rands.

New World Wealth, as part of its South Africa 2016 Wealth Report, ranked the top universities in South Africa for business and finance degrees.

The wealth advisory firm used the following criteria:

  • Quality of lecturers and courses
  • Individual attention given to students
  • Safety and student life on campuses
  • International recognition of degrees

Perhaps surprisingly, two lesser established institutions in Monash South Africa and Vega School, cracked the top five, ahead of the more traditional universities.

In April, Monash South Africa (MSA) launched a professional Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree for part-time students, while the Independent Institute of Education offers, through Vega, three year B.Com degrees specializing mainly in marketing and brand management.

Top rated universities in South Africa 2016

Rank University  Students
1 Rhodes University 7,000
2 Monash University
3 University of Stellenbosch 30,000
4 Vega School of Brand Leadership 4 campuses
5 University of Cape Town

Top rated universities in South Africa 2000

Rank University  Students
1 University of Cape Town
2 Rhodes University  7,000
3 University of Stellenbosch  30,000
4 University of Pretoria  50,000
5 Wits

Vega forms part of the group of tertiary institutions operated by the Independent Institute of Education (IIE), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of ADvTECH Group.

ADvTECH pointed out that while Vega is a tertiary education institution, it is not classified as a University in legal terms, due to it being a private institution.

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