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Inside the stylish R110 million “Gatsby” home in Houghton

Inside the stylish R110 million “Gatsby” home in Houghton

The luxurious home on Houghton Ridge has just gone up for sale in Johannesburg with a massive R110 million price tag.

The house is so opulent in both proportion and finish that it has been named “Gatsby” – in honour of the extravagant mansion that Scott Fitzgerald’s character Jay Gatsby built to impress his lover.

The “Gatsby” home is currently for sale exclusively through the Luxury Portfolio division of Chas Everitt International for R110 million.

The 2,000sqm property includes eight en suite bedrooms, a private nightclub and its own spa as well as a library, gymnasium, conference facilities, heated indoor pool and outdoor training pool.

It is being sold fully furnished with handpicked antiques and period pieces from around the world, and other specially-commissioned modern pieces.

According to Chas Everitt Luxury Portfolio CEO Rory O’Hagan, Johannesburg’s heritage suburbs such as Houghton are currently enjoying a strong ‘renaissance’ among both local and foreign high-end buyers, and that there is especially high demand for luxury new builds as well as fully-renovated or restored trophy homes.

“Gatsby is in a class of its own, however, and we expect it to attract attention among the ultra-high net worth individuals who make up the very top echelon of property movers and shakers in SA and around the world,” he said.

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  • Skerminkel

    “Gatsby is in a class of its own, however, and we expect it to attract
    attention among the ultra-high net worth individuals who make up the
    very top echelon of property movers and shakers in SA and around the

    Most clichés in one sentence on the interwebs for the day?

    • rob.jetikons

      Haha Yes “ultra-high net worth individuals” who else has money to waste on this…My Dad calls it “Stupid Tax” someone has to pay it…

  • Skerminkel

    110 bar and hang the bog roll from the bath? Nee bliksem!

    • Rodney

      Yeah, bad oversight. The toilet is very close to the shower and on the other side is a full height window…. Sometimes the designer forget about the small things and leave it up to the builder/installer to decide. Depending on the project I seldom specify the toilet roll holders or towel rail etc. but always make sure there is enough room and a practical space for it.

  • Rodney

    From most of the over priced properties or rentals that’s been on business tech, I think this one actually looks very classy for its style. Will I pay R110 million? No.

    • victory

      Big Question is,how much you worth

      • Blapartheid Zulu

        Not more tha anc comrades

    • Skerminkel

      The bar was just set extremely low.

    • Deal_with__it

      Can you pay R110 million? No.

    • Chris

      Its just 110 times over my budget..

  • victory

    Lazy boy aside

  • AwesomeGunners123

    Dammit I’m coloured so when I saw the word Gatsby I thought its a Full Masala Steak Gatsby House. I was so disappointment after the page loaded.

    • Rodney


  • NosySnoopy

    No thanks. I think my house was better value for money. Some if the rooms look cramped and the others look like a cheap hotel that wants to look expensive.

    • Deal_with__it

      “No thanks.” Like it is a choice for you.

      • NosySnoopy

        Point taken. 😄

    • L BS

      Exactly, small room and bathroom in these pictures.

  • unknownus3r

    deal broken due to lack of sea views.

  • gp

    Seems everyone is trying to base the value of their home on nkandla scale.

  • Blapartheid Zulu

    I loved the gatsby movie! Lovely house!

  • bengine

    Someone obviously trying to compensate for something.

    Gotta love those high back chairs facing the staircase – one of my favourite things is to sit in a comfy chair and watch people go up and down a staircase in my house…

  • newsens

    Nice cottage for Zuma.

  • Chris

    Bad feng shui in picture 10. You never place a bed with the feet end stick out towards the door. All to do with death. But as for the rest of the place, i like it but dont even have proper clothing to fit into a place like this, Im sure kaalvoet is not going to work in a place like this

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