New features coming to the Nedbank banking app

Nedbank has announced that it will be introducing a number of new features to its NedbankMoney App.

According to Mutsa Chironga, divisional executive of Consumer Banking at Nedbank, the app has been downloaded more than a million times and the number of Nedbank clients actively making use of its features is increasing daily.

To date, some of the most frequently used features include:

  • Debit order reversal;
  • Payments limit increases and decreases;
  • ATM limit increase and decrease;
  • Freeze and unfreeze cards in case they have been misplaced and subsequently found;
  • Blocking cards.

The app also recently introduced Scan to Pay functionality, which makes it possible for anyone who uses the app on their mobile phone or tablet to pay any physical or online vendors who offer MasterPass, Snapscan, [email protected] or Zapper QR codes as a payment option.

Chironga said that Nedbank was now also looking at introducing a cross-border remittance solution which will allow people living and working in South Africa to transfer money cross-border to friends and family.

Developed in partnership with Nedbank alliance partner, Ecobank Transnational Incorporated (Ecobank), the function will allow Nedbank account holders to effortlessly send money to Ecobank accountholders in 33 countries across Africa and, in most cases, the transferred funds will be available in the recipient’s accounts immediately.

Another new feature Nedbank is looking to include are loan offers.

These include the ability to offer qualifying Nedbank clients an easier way of getting a personal loan. Clients will receive a choice of tailored loan offers, allowing them to select the loan offer that best suits them.

This money will then be paid directly into their Nedbank account, when they need it.

“As a responsible lender, the bank will only offer a loan to clients who can afford to repay, and each loan is tailored to suit each client’s needs. It’s a loan just for you,” said Chironga.

Also coming soon is The Live Chat feature, which will give clients the ability to communicate directly and immediately with Nedbank, he said.

“With these and the many value-adding enhancements that have already been included in the app, and the many more innovative features that are still to come in the near future, we will continue to offer our clients a truly transformative and life-enhancing digital banking experience, inclusive of money management and lifestyle solutions,” said Chironga.

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New features coming to the Nedbank banking app