Why South Africa needs to change: SA billionaire

Founder and group chief executive of Discovery, Adrian Gore says that a change in the narrative, along with strong leadership, will drive positive sentiment and create growth in South Africa.

Speaking at the Discovery Leadership Summit on Thursday (1 November), Gore said that the country has the skill and talent to grow the economy, but the ability to liberate them is a functionality of strong leadership. “We need a different type of leadership,” he said, pointing to a more positive outlook.

“When I met Nelson Mandela, he gave me the best advice. He said that leadership is about giving people hope and giving them a vision,” Gore said, talking to positive leadership.

He said that the economy has potentially lost more than R800 billion over the past decade due to a lack of leadership, which could have been used to reduce unemployment.

Gore called for a change in the narrative of the country.

“In South Africa, we are particularly gloomy, but we are incredibly inaccurate about our gloominess. We are confidently wrong, we are stubbornly stupid. We need a different narrative, we are blind to progress, our progress is remarkable,” he said.

Gore said that the notion that the country is ‘Mickey Mouse’ is not true. “We are larger and more relevant than we think.”

“Give our country a chance. Don’t be naively optimistic but at least change the narrative,” he pleaded.

He said that the country enables companies like Discovery to grow. As a result Discovery will invest majority of its R13 billion capex into South Africa over the next five years. The company aims to launch a commercial bank in early 2019.

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Why South Africa needs to change: SA billionaire