Nedbank partners with Mara Phones for affordable mobile devices

Nedbank has partnered with Mara Phones to make locally-made Android smartphones available to its clients.

Mara Phones, a division of the Mara Corporation, recently launched the first African-based smartphone-manufacturing factory in Kigali. President Cyril Ramaphosa opened the second factory in Durban on 17 October 2019.

Each factory has a capacity to produce a few million smartphones units per year.

“We are exceptionally pleased that Nedbank has come on board to partner with Mara Phones, thereby enabling South Africans an opportunity to procure and acquire high quality and affordable smartphones. Our aim is to increase smartphone penetration on the continent by providing problem solving, tailored solutions to for our customers and partners. This partnership strengthens our vision to change the narrative by demonstrating that Africans can produce high quality tech products” said chair of Mara Phones, Ahuti Chug.

“Like Nedbank, Mara Phones is committed to leveraging technology to enable financial inclusion and enhanced education, healthcare and agriculture outcomes in South Africa and across Africa,” Thomas said, “and through this transaction, the ability of both organisations to deliver on this vision will be significantly enhanced,” said Ciko Thomas, group managing executive for Nedbank Retail and Business Banking.

The full details of Nedbank’s Mara Phones offer are still under wraps, however, Thomas alluded to the fact that the Nedbank offer will be a pre-packaged, high-value proposition, with the smartphones preloaded with the award-winning Nedbank Money App, and delivered via flexible finance options that make it easy for clients to pay for their already very affordable Mara Phones devices.

Thomas said the Nedbank offer is unlikely to be network-specific. “We believe our clients should be able to use the mobile network of their own choosing,” he said, “so we will be offering some, or all, of our Nedbank-bundled, dual-SIM Mara Phones devices without SIM cards, allowing the new phone owners to use prepaid voice and data packages from any cellular service provider.”

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Nedbank partners with Mara Phones for affordable mobile devices