Discovery says members can apply to pay for medical aid from their savings account

 ·15 Apr 2020

Discovery has informed its medical aid scheme members they can apply to have their monthly fees paid for from their medical savings account.

“For members who are on health plans with a medical savings account (MSA), Discovery Health Medical Scheme will allow members with a sufficient MSA balance to use their positive balance to pay for their total medical scheme contribution for up to three months,” states the Discovery website.

“A positive MSA refers to the ‘cash’ balance and does not include the upfront MSA you get at the start of the calendar year.”

Discovery said it will pay a member’s total medical scheme contribution from their MSA and adjust the MSA balance accordingly.

“You may not choose to partially pay for your contributions from your MSA balance,” stated the website.

Up to 3 months

Discovery stated that members can apply for up to three months of “contribution concession”.

“Individuals with a positive MSA balance equivalent to at least one month’s medical scheme contributions may apply to access this option, with no suspension imposed on their membership for this period.”

Users apply on the Discovery website after logging into their online profile, and then submit their contact information.

Members are also presented with a list of terms linked to the payment concession.

  • This offer has been made to me as a result of the impact of the global Covid-19 pandemic and the national state of disaster declared by the President of South Africa.
  • The offset of contributions will only be considered if I am in good payment standing with the Scheme, with all contributions paid monthly and no history of suspension imposed for non-payment during the last twelve months.
  • The offset of contributions against my MSA is limited to a maximum of three months.
  • The offset is dependent on the positive MSA balance available at the time of processing my request.
  • The positive MSA balances refers to the available carry-over balance at the end of the previous financial year, plus available MSA contributions paid into my MSA during the current year and interest allocated that has not yet been spent. It is the “cash” balance and does not include the upfront amounts or any advances allocated to the MSA.
  • I may not elect for partial funding of my contributions from my MSA.
  • Utilising my MSA to offset my contributions, will reduce my MSA with the result that I may be exposed to higher out of pocket spend.
  • If I am on a plan with an Above Threshold Benefit, I accept that my Self-Payment Gap will increase with the same value as what is used out of my MSA to offset my contributions.


Members are also offered a “Vitality Premium concession with limited benefits”.

“You can choose to keep your Vitality membership active with limited benefits for the same contribution relief period indicated above,” stated the website.

“Your affected benefits and premiums will be reinstated at the end of the concession period. Note that your Vitality premium will not be deducted effective from the following month, and it will not be paid from your positive Discovery Health Medical Scheme MSA.”

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